Monday, September 7, 2020

Prowl To The Light

Yesterday was good, our new(ish) bishop, Ryan Reed, visited the Missions and all went well. No mask skulduggery, no hand sanitizer malfeasance or anti-social distancing. We just worshiped God and had a good time during and after. You know, like Christians.

Church People Having Fun

Speaking of which, I briefed the bishop, a retired infantry officer, before the Masses, "Just so you know, these are MAGA congregations and not into Covid panic." He liked that, "I figured," and went on to confect the Sacrament of the Altar not once but twice, there being two Missions separated by a horse ride, 20 miles appx., to see to.


At the reception afterwards, I amused myself by giving the black power salute along with the popular chant, "Black Lives Matter!" and "I can't breathe!" The church people, an educated crew, responded in kind. Big fun.

Ahem, lose the 12 for dove, fool

But that was then, this is now. Labour Day sees us prowling the Compound and walking to the light -- planning dove hunts, fishing on the lake, long range shooting and frying up steak. Yes, steak. Such is privilege, white or otherwise.

Have a great Labor Day and God bless you all.

Your Pal,



Jim said...

Sounds like a fine congregation.

LSP said...

I have a couple, Jim. They're good people.

Old NFO said...

Good, and SMART folks for the win!

LSP said...

A good day was had by all, NFO!

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Nice to see Texas still has freedom of religion. What a wonderful concept! Here in NYC while churches are open we are still limited to 50 percent seating capacity. (every other pew is roped off.)

And can the bishops ever again claim that the sacraments are indispensable when they so willingly consented to the shutdown in the first place?

Just saying.........

LSP said...

We're fortunate, Infidel, but others far less so. The Diocese of Dallas, for example.

Excellent sacrament point.