Friday, September 25, 2020

The Sheer Talent of Yoko And Everything Else


Have you listened to the genius of Yoko? She married John Lennon and broke up the Beatles. No, not the ISIS execution squad, but the lovable mop tops from Liverpool who helped define the way we live now.  And what is this way, what's its hallmark?

Abortion at the point of birth, apparently that's OK. People losing their jobs for saying men aren't women because "not hate"? Tick. Sanctifying drug dealing, thug, rapist criminals in the name of civil rights? Rock on. Borders, to a country? How very, very Nazi.

One solutions provider put it well this morning. "LSP, when you get to the point of ripping babies out of the womb at nine months then there's no lid, no cover." Anything goes at that point, there's no longer a moral or ethical boundary beyond self-will.

Hell with the lid off? Let's see how far it goes before God decides to call it a wrap. In the meanwhile, check out Ono's #MillSoc musical talent. Then there's Markle, the People's Princess.

Honi soit,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

In the 2nd grade Christmas rehearsal I was singing my little heart out. Soon, I was a Shepard. Even then I sounded better than Yoko Ono.

Anonymous said...

The claim that women were/are powerless is the grand lie. What many have chosen to forget is that within our (and most*) cultures women were, and are, the arbiters and enforcers of cultural norms and ‘morality’.

(*What, you thought it was men who bound the feet of Japanese girls? Men who perform(ed) FGM in muslim societies?)

As InstaGlenn always stated, “Chivalry was a two way street”. Women were treated with respect, protected, provided for and afforded special privileges. In return, women ‘only’ dated, married and had children with men who treated them this way. It wasn’t men who broke (utterly destroyed) this covenant.

The simple fact is that since the 1970’s (and the almost endless variety, and cheap or free availability, of prophylactic devices and medications, as well as the ‘morning-after pill and I’m not even going to mention restraint and responsibility) there isn’t a single justification for ‘any’ abortion (except, possibly and questionably even then, in the infinitesimally rare and most extreme circumstances).

Despite the claims of the left it was never men ‘forcing’ women to have abortions (leftist double-think yet again – man forcing bad, woman choosing good). Yes there were rare, despicable men who did and would, but who ‘chose’ those men? (even historically the main ‘reason’ was womens choice after failing to ‘get’ the man). In all (western) jurisdictions currently, not only does ‘the man’ have no say in such a decision, but he doesn’t even have the right ‘to know of it’. Here (and I’d be surprised if it isn’t the same there) over 99% of doctors and nurses involved in (typically leftist double-speak) ‘family planning’ are women. The proponents cheerfully admit that, rather than rape/incest or even medical ‘need’, over 98% of abortions occur due to womens ‘social or financial’ choices.

‘People’ are, in the main, inherently selfish, I’d suggest women considerably more than men (with some biological, social, cultural basis/justification). I’ve worked in hospitals and the figures are freely available but did you know that the (overwhelming) majority of ‘child abuse’ (mental, physical ‘and’ sexual) is performed by women? That ‘domestic abuse’ is again overwhelmingly women against men (when you excuse and even reward an act is it any surprise when it is more common than when you punish it)?

We have the (sadly outmoded and probably always blinkered) view that all women love their children, and will sacrifice and defend them without limit (and many do), but many also clearly view them both as ‘their’ property and as a means of gaining power and financial reward from both men and the state (check any ‘family’ court or welfare claim to see uncounted examples), and are simply ‘disposable’ if ‘they’ choose they are.

It used to be that the most respected (self and societal both) role for a woman was to be a good wife and mother. Now women have been indoctrinated that such is to be demeaned and used, and further they can have all the benefits of such a role without any of the reciprocity, sacrifices and work.

No, men are hardly innocent in this growing cultural depravity, but it is mainly due to womens choices. More importantly ‘only’ women have the power to reverse it (if women decided that chivalry, traditional morality and family were important you think that men wouldn’t queue to fulfil their wishes? If women decided trans in childrens libraries and bathrooms was abhorrent you think it would last a second?…).

Unless and until women are less selfish, choose to view children, family, society and men as as important as their own wishes/wants and needs this decline is irreversible. Arbiters and enforcers as always.

(As you chose to illustrate, Yoko is the perfect example. An inane, selfish and self-obsessed woman who with her demands destroyed what she couldn’t build for her own gain. The old maxim “behind every successful man ...” isn’t always true but whilst a good wife isn’t always necessary for a mans success, she can make it more likely, and ‘always’ has the power to destroy it).

Kid said...

Why did Yoko not go platinum ? I'll bet she'd have a bigger audience today. She was just ahead of her time in this big why whirl.

I'd say go ahead and bring the asteroid with the red fire and brimstone topping glaze but I am still able to look around and see lots of beauty amidst the pure evil. Lots that do not deserve to be incinerated. And maybe, just maybe, the beauty comes out on top. We'll see.

If the asteroid does come, I want Yoko to be the headliner on stage for its arrival. Yoko singing and Jerry Nadler crapping his pants over and over.

Old NFO said...

Meh... Don't watch any of them, nor do I care what they say...

Undergroundpewster said...

Ono sings and the wail of the Banshee sounds like Britney Spears.

LSP said...

WSF, the genius of Yoko is a thing to behold.

Congrats on the Shepherd part.

LSP said...

"Unless and until women are less selfish, choose to view children, family, society and men as as important as their own wishes/wants and needs this decline is irreversible. Arbiters and enforcers as always."

I'd agree with that, Anon, and I didn't know about the child abuse stat. Interesting.

But you have to feel sorry for all the wymxn who bought into the big Marxist lie that their worth was determined by being part of industry and the means of production.

Oh dear, now you too are free to be a wage a slave and guess what, more people in the workforce drives down labour costs while increasing output. But hey, now you're really worth something because you have to work that job, say Bishop figure of London, as opposed to the tyranny of raising children.

What a sick scam.

And to your point(s) -- walk through any shopping mall and ask yourself who's being marketed to.

Of course when things get nasty, and surely they will, all this will end. Unpleasantly, I'll wager.

LSP said...

"Lots of beauty" -- I'd second that, Kid. Maybe, as in the time of Jonah, we'll be spared? But I don't see how killing babies at the point of birth doesn't come with a grave reckoning. Perhaps a space rock or a plague, a real one, or something in between.

In the meanwhile, let's reflect on the genius vocal talent of Yoko.

LSP said...

NFO, you are very wise.

LSP said...

Whoa, Pewster!

Good call.