Sunday, September 27, 2020

Pop Genius Fuhrer Taylor Swift

Pop icon Taylor Swift may be the pretty face of rock 'n roll but she's also seig heiled by millions of adoring fans as a latter day Fuhrer. Is Taylor Swift literally Nazi? Here at the Compound we decided to fact check.

Wow. That's harsh, Taylor.

Taylor! Getting back together? We suspect not.

This book is banned in Germany.

Taylor Swift's net worth is an estimated $360 million, she's a millionaire socialist. As we've seen, science says National Socialist.

Rumours that the genius pop singer's eyes cause instant migraines are just that, vicious rumours.

Rock on,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

I've never listened to a single song from her. What talent?

LSP said...

I'm not a fan either, WSF. Don't look at her eyes, you'll get a migraine.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen/heard a single trained monkey (I mean celebrity actor/singer) who didn’t spout the same hypocritical idiocy?

I’m so old I remember when bands/singers wrote their own songs, played their own instruments and … actually had to be able to sing.

Now they hire a songwriter, session musicians, have their (or more often a session vocalists) ‘samples’ so manipulated by ‘the studio’ it isn’t even them. They aren’t even spontaneously choosing to be singers/bands, they are ‘manufactured’ (chosen for looks, ability to twerk, and willingness to say, or do, anything the producer tells them to do).

Literally nothing they say, do, wear or even think is their own. They are puppets, slaves in all but name. Dancing monkeys without an original thought, word or action to their names. Given ‘relevance’ and ‘pulpit’ by others exactly like them (media, politicians, etc.).

Is it any wonder so many turn to drink and drugs, or have breakdowns? Living a perpetual lie, every thought, action, miniscule ‘choice’ decided for them. I’d feel some sympathy except for the fact they willingly chose the life.

They sold themselves (their lives and souls) for a mess of pottage. They don’t then get to preach the virtues of pottage to the rest of us.

Mark 8:36

[Justifiably complain about Weinstein et al all you want but please explain to me how, from a pool of millions of wannabes, average looking (being polite), talentless hacks became ‘stars’. They do so, simply, because they are willing to do ‘anything’ for their fifteen minutes. They don’t then, later, get to claim victimhood because its convenient to do so. They deliberately, intentionally, willingly chose to sell themselves, and have no-one else to blame but themselves.

Think of that every time you see a celebrity. They are ‘only’ a celebrity because they are wh...

Similarly, all those, now, claiming victimhood for choosing to work for Epstein et al. Millions of young girls ‘choose’, for whatever reasons, to ‘go off the rails’ and ‘work the streets’ – and nobody cares. These chose to do so for a millionaire and we’re supposed to remove all responsibility and agency for ‘their own actions’ from these women? Are the ‘pimps and pushers’ despicable people? Of course, but that doesn’t make those women innocents.

Choices and actions have consequences. It’s about time people realised/remembered that]

Adrienne said...

If it wasn't for auto-tune, she'd have no tune at all. And.........I don't think she's very pretty either.

Kid said...

What WSF said. Pop never did anything for me.

Adrienne, she is not ugly, but there is also not an ounce of attractiveness. Looks more like a manikin to me. And if it has to be said, I've never been into manikins either.

LSP said...

I remember those days too, Anon.

Interesting to see Taylor's become an NDSAP icon but I don't get her appeal. Those mean little eyes just don't cut it for me.

Eyes aside, we have to wonder at the ultimate source of their Faustian pact.

LSP said...

I think she has a mean little face, Adrienne. Try not to look at her eyes.

LSP said...

I'm not much of a fan either, Kid. Mind you, there's pop and there's pop, so...

Adrienne said...

Mean little eyes? I like that.

LL said...

Some have said that she's not the best ex-girlfriend.

LSP said...

Migraine inducing, Adrienne. Don't forget your Tylenol!

LSP said...

I've heard that too, LL. And didn't she start off as Country?

Same say Taylor's manufactured. Huh.

Nasty little eyes, headache making.