Sunday, September 6, 2020

Burning Ring Of Fire

It's all very well to argue about which is better, Pen or Glock, when you're not not up to the extreme kind of violence needed to use either in self-defense. That said:

LL, who's a solutions provider, recommends a pen that's also a pistol. Good call! Very DLC. Anon, who knows a thing or two, says you need to train, train, train. Listen up:

The mob is acting in the confident knowledge that ‘the law’ (establishment, media, etc.) will allow them free reign. The diners are reluctant (even those too few who are capable) to react offensively in the sure knowledge that ‘they’ will be arrested.
The predictable outcome is that: 1) the mob ‘will’ escalate (as the Stanford experiments demonstrated) until someone is seriously injured or killed ; and/or 2) the victims will contain somebody, or more likely a group, who are both physically and (more importantly) mentally capable and who feel their life (or those of loved ones) are at risk, they have no options left, and who then react.
People, thankfully, are not generally capable of deliberately severely harming others. You need to either be ‘an exception’ (ie. mentally ill) or be ‘conditioned’ to do so (not surprisingly the ‘scrappers’ and ‘brawlers’ of adolescence, “guilty M’Lord”, already partially conditioned are much more easily trained). The mobs are not just working through that conditioning process, but are being allowed, even encouraged, to do so consequence free.
Are you, and all the rest of the ‘normals’ out there, ready and willing to face that demon? Ask any military vet, whose been ‘up close and personal’, and they’ll tell you, you really, really aren’t (yet). (Are you, not just willing, but capable of emulating a particular favourite [and toasted in the mess on more than one occasion] of that Ranger who, in an ultimate life/death struggle, stabbed the insurgent to death with ‘his MRE spoon’? It's not the weapon, it's the man wielding it.).
It’s why young Mr. Rittenhouse impressed me so much. The aplomb, the deliberate assurance of a much more experienced man in a definitive ‘it’s raining a$$holes’ situation, indicates to me he’s one of Heredotus’ 1%. Most will not react even close to so well … without a lot more training.

The aplomb, the deliberate assurance of a much more experienced man in a definitive ‘it’s raining a$$holes’ situation, indicates to me he’s one of Heredotus’ 1%. 


And right on, Anon. (Less brackets, please. Thx. Ed.) Point being, it's very easy to posture and grand stand against iniquity of any sort, but unless you're prepared to work that out at a personal level, and make the protest real, it's worthless, fake.

Your Pal,



Adrienne said...

I didn't pay attention to the brackets on anon's very good comment until you mentioned it. Hmmmmm - he uses brackets the way I fling about ellipsis...

LSP said...

It's a bit like that handy word "that", Adrienne. Drive it out of the business along with ellipsis. Which I'm badly guilty of...

But yes, what a good comment. Quotable.

Old NFO said...

Well said, brackets aside... And preps are important. Got a set of protective laser goggles yesterday and 'tested' them. They work a champ against green lasers, just in case they decide to get stupid up here.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Old NFO, link please.

Anonymous said...

Train train train - that will get ya part way at least but until you really step into the pile = or are forced into it - you will NOT know for sure how you will react. Hopefully that training = and the willing mindset that it should engender - will see you safely thru to the other side. If it ever gets 'easy' - way past time for a change.

LSP said...

NFO, been wanting something in that line for ages...

LSP said...

Good call, NFO.

LSP said...

Anon, we must meet up for a pint. No, not whiskey!

Anonymous said...

I am deeply hurt that you could so cavalierly criticise my Grammar (she was a lovely old dear who taught me so much – welding, shaped charges and the best way to crimp a detonator … using her dentures. Seriously. She was SIS during the war don’t you know. That and “always go for their delicates, and kick ‘em when they’re down”).

I have a disability (in addition to being ‘follicley challenged’ I am not bald), despite years of Mrs. Brewsters tender ministrations (slippers, cane and ballistic blackboard erasers) I still can’t ‘do’ punctuation.

I once wrote the perfect post-op summary. Three pages of acronyms, abbreviations and terminological elegance. It so impressed my superiors they were wont to present it as an example at The War College until … ‘somebody’ (spit) noticed it … was all one sentence (Sigh!).

So I’ll paranthesize all I want, because the alternative is too frightening to consider (and definitely less understandable, OK yes, I mean even).

Anonymous said...

With regards to Old NFO’s purchase.

The use of lasers is ‘interesting’ (in the Chinese proverb sense).

In most of the world laser pointers are limited to Class 3 (<5 mW) or 2 (<1 mW) because of their use against planes. In The US you can own any power laser but using them to attack someone is already an offence.

From the attacks it’s apparent the rioters are using, hand-held, Class 3b lasers (worst case scenario).


Assuming an unmodified hand-held ‘pointer’ the (guestimated) beam spread would result in a beam of 1.239 inches at 100 feet, or 3.639 inches at 100 yards.

So whilst the data image shows those lasers can, and will, cause glare and flash-blindness at those distances. Just how easily you could aim at a ‘moving’ eye at those ranges (remember closer equals smaller beam diameter).

The police are at risk because they have to stand and watch the rioters.

Goggles, avoiding looking directly, and maintaining movement seem … sensible to me.

But, why be where they are lasing? To protect property in areas you, on a normal day, are massively outnumbered? Is your life really worth that?

If it goes hot, the only reason you should be anywhere near those shining them, goggles wont be needed as your over-watch ‘should’ have dealt with them.

If ‘we’ need something now it’s ‘awareness’. As (the other) Anon mentioned, ‘they’ are operating (not particularly well, but still) combined ops surveillance, tracking, targeting and assault groups. Learn to notice them. Be paranoid, it’s a survival trait. Do not wander around oblivious in an area they are operating in (it may cause outrage afterwards, but you’ll still be dead).

You can’t blend in, even dressing like them and they check, confirm and target. You will be identified as ‘not them’ immediately. Your current job (should you find yourself anywhere near) is to get out safely.

Most rioters are just that, but there’s been a core in every major riot so far who aren’t. This is now, and has been for a while, an insurgency. (I was E, it was my job to do just that to others, I recognise the plays). This ‘will’ escalate (unless/until your intelligence services pull their fingers out) so expect other soft targets to be attacked (power, water, health-care, churches and voter intimidation is guaranteed).

Their ‘combat’ tactics of rock-throwers, laser wielders and coordinators behind a shield wall of useful idiots is based entirely on the ‘fact’ that you wont fire at ‘innocents’ to get to those attacking you (yet). Until it reaches a point that you will, they will keep ‘winning’. There is simply nothing you as an individual, or small group, can do at this point.

Small towns and the suburbs are a different matter. Organise, plan, game and practice for it now.

Get a copy of “A Failure of Civility” by Mike Garand and Jack Lawson (good blokes both), it’s as good a primer for this as anything short of classified.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

"Point being, it's very easy to posture and grand stand against iniquity of any sort, but unless you're prepared to work that out at a personal level, and make the protest real, it's worthless, fake."

I have a niece who has been a public health worker for many years. She goes out on the mean streets of Reno, NV at all hours seeking out the "dregs" of humanity and offering help. We agree on little politically but I respect her opinions because she most definitely 'walks the walk'.

What is missing tin today's world is being able to disagree without being disagreeable.

LL said...

If a rioter points a laser at you, assume that you've been designated by a firearm, and return fire.

LSP said...

LL, that sounds dangerously like cause and effect.

LSP said...

Good on your niece, WSF. And yes, we've lost civility. I'm not sure it can be recaptured without a fight.

LSP said...

Thanks for the tip, Anon. My plan? Stay well clear, just an LSP :)

But... there's all these people out there with LL skills. The Reds might want to think about that, which they do.

LSP said...

Anon, I apologize.

The Apostle, St. Paul, once wrote several Epistles with hardly a single full stop or comma. So you're in very good company!

LSP said...

Couldn't agree more, Anon. Speaking of which, I've got a good mind to go up our avian adversary the doves with NO SKEET PREP.

Let's see how that goes.

LSP said...

Ed, same.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Son: Mom I brushed my teeth and did my homework. May I go to the Antifa rally?

Mom: Yes son just promise you'll come home before curfew and try not to set yourself on fire.

LSP said...

Infidel, I had to laugh!