Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Boy's Alright


Hadn't spoken with the Private for a while and Mama LSP was a bit worried, "How's he doing?!?" sort of thing. Probably well, I assured her, suggesting no news is good news. And so perhaps it is; the kid's doing fine, taking courses and getting the most out of the Army so far. Well done. Fit to fight.

Other children take a different course, they want to stick it to the Man because they're revolutionaries and hope to bring about an Anarcho-Communist utopia. It's a beautiful vision, playing out right now in real time in Kentucky. But what's gonna happen when push comes to shove?

I'll cut to the chase. One section of one one platoon would sort out our Marxist friends in about as many seconds as it'd take to say the Biden crime family's corrupt as hell. And don't think for a moment that the rank and file aren't ready to move from safe to fire.

Or do. Give it a go and find out. Regardless, the kid's enjoying S. Korea and levelling up. Well done.




Infidel de Manahatta said...

What I want to know is who is FUNDING these so-called revolutionaries. It is not spontaneous.

If only we had an organization in America whose job it was to ask questions and ferret out facts. We could call them the "press" since they are pressing for facts.

Sadly no such organization exists in America.

Kid said...

Diddly Dang a Ping a Pang, some of these critters are ugley.

I can dig the ones getting paid, need a few dollars for the MD-2020, Night Train, Wild Irish Rose, and Thunderbird, but dang the one's doin it for free?? Spiders crawling into their ears at night as they sleep under the overpass?

Years ago, I remember some woman had some kind of rally for some dang thing and 600 people, mostly women, showed up. Afterwards, she was heard to say "I THINK WE REALLY ACCOMPLISHED SOMETHING HERE !!" lol............ (burp) Excuse me...

Adrienne said...

The cadet looks so much like you - lucky him. It's so nice to see a young man on the right path to full adulthood. Good job, LSP.

LSP said...


I'm shocked.

And suspect systemic racism.

Are you not aware of the fact that facts are acts of colonialist oppression?

You must purge your subconscious privilege.

LSP said...

Kid, behold the Revolution.


LSP said...

Adrienne, it's an answer to prayer and I don't say that lightly.

There's an, ahem, wild side to the family.

Anyway, he's doing well. Thank God.

SgtBob said...

The worried wife reminded me of a letter from my mother in early 1967. She wrote: "We haven't heard from you in some time, but we figured if something had happened the Army would have told us." Of course I immediately wrote a letter. And our youngest (11B) his first Iraq tour, he called home his second week in Mosul. My wife was at work. His platoon's first time outside the wire they got hit with an IED. "It was a small one, it just blew rocks and gravel over us," he said. Then he said, "Don't tell Mom." His mother on the last day of pre-deployment leave, had told him, "Casey, when you knock down a door and go into a house, you kill everybody on the other side of the door." Casey laughed and said, "Mom, I can't just do that." She said, "Yes, you can. You kill everybody on the other side of the door." Deep down somewhere, every parent knows that is the way to fight a war.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

The Army in Korea is a good place for a young man to spread his wings.

LL said...

I'm glad that the PFC is doing well. The only question in my mind is whether there will be a roof Korean in your family after this deployment.

LSP said...

Sgt. how can it be otherwise? And that people have pretended otherwise is beyond a scandal. I'd say they have blood on their hands.

I hope and pray your youngest did well.

Of course my eldest's enjoying Army life, but it's not kinetic. I thank God for that.

LSP said...

It seems that way, WSF. He's been busy taking courses, doing motor pool and "going out," terrifyingly.

So much better than getting into horrendous debt to learn what passes for "higher" education. Still, he can get that too, and should, then go to OCS. But that's his call.

LSP said...

LL, that's a very pertinent question and we've had several conversations about, ahem, relatives. Let the reader understand.

But he's doing well and sending in pics for "a day in the life of..."

I'll post when they're all in.