Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Dove Hunt Fail - Rule of 666

The plan was elegant in its simplicity. Load up the rig with a CZ SxS 20, ammo and decoys, then head out to the country, set up in a tree line and shoot dove. What a good plan, but it fell apart when a storm blew in from the East.

Wind and ferocious rain put an end to today's pleasant vision of avian acrobats falling under a flak barrage of birdshot and ending up as jalapeno poppers on the grill, so I took refuge in Walmart. A lesser thing, for sure, but interesting nonetheless. Why?

Because around a quarter of the shoppers weren't wearing masks. They weren't into them at all and strolled around the store without a seeming care in the world. This seemed pleasant to me, so I took off my stupid election mask of fear and bought some steak and wine, MAGA style.

All good, unlike Great Britain which has just told everyone that gatherings of more than six people are illegal as of Monday. Offenders will be fined and possibly arrested, who knows, perhaps they'll be sent to special camps. Churches, pubs and restaurants are exempt though, and it's a fair bet that mass gatherings of  BLM, dinghies full of POCs and Extinction Rebellion art commies are too.

What's this all about? Here in the US Democrat virus panic's understandable, after all, it's an election year and the disloyal opposition want to ride the pandemic to a win they wouldn't achieve normally. Mail in voting, stopping Trump rallies, crashing the economy and all of that. OK, fine, but what's in it for the UK's so-called Conservative government? A government with a massive 80 seat majority in the Commons.

Good question and I don't have an answer. It's almost as though some strange force is driving BoJo to set himself up as the most unpopular Prime Minister in the history of ever. Is he being blackmailed, is he a puppet shill of the sinister New World Order, are evil spirits involved? Who knows, but he looked demented in today's bizarre "Rule of 666" broadcast.

We must hope it has nothing to do with demons.




LL said...

I'm sorry that the anticipated dove harvest was off, but Mother Nature doesn't cut a lot of slack.

I think that the UK has gone plague insane. BoJo had it and it may still be bothering him because he was close to pushing up daisies.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Draconian measures here in the fiefdom of Polis, er The Centennial State. Nearly 100% in businesses as the state will shut them down if the mask edict isn't enforced. In my case, I take pity on the poor souls working in these businesses; they don't need anymore stress.

My hope is to live long enough to vote the @$#^$& out in 2024.

He generously is allowing 7,500 Bronco fans to sit in a 70,000 seat stadium. Not that I care. I've never been a Bronco fan and haven't watched any NFL game in three years.

Anonymous said...

I think you may have been in Texas too long. You appear to have forgotten that any day without rain is an all too rare exception, and if you can’t enjoy a pastime in torrential rain, you just don’t do it. (It’s amusing for someone who’s been away for so long to notice just how unfashionable people look here in sunny weather, yet completely coordinated in rainy. It’s because hot weather is so unusual here people are forced to wear whatever they bought for their last holiday in Tenerife as their only hot weather clothing and it really doesn’t work).

That and just how monolithic the British media machine is. You can rightly complain that almost all your media is left-leaning, most to the point they think Stalin was too right-wing, but at least you have ‘some’ outlets who, if not disagree too openly, occasionally question the narrative. Not here, not one. (The left-leaning, big-state, establishment, government is good papers, the Daily Mail and The Sun, are actually seen as right wing here, and the marxist Guardian is seen as middle-of-the-road).

I was actually impressed, for once, at the beginning of March when it appeared that the government appeared to limit any response to the Kung Flu as unnecessary (the Swedish model was actually ours before theirs). But then the patently fake ‘models’, ‘predictions’ and scare-mongering began and they reversed face.

The government then implemented the kind of restrictions even Cuomo wouldn’t dare, not because they feared Covid was actually going to cause the massacre the models predicted, but because of the panic that ‘they’ would be blamed for any, and all, deaths falsely attributed to it by the media complex (which had signalled its membership of the conspiracy).

We have regular, and accurate, statistics from the ONS that show, incontrovertibly, that throughout the weeks/months the death rate, and more importantly those specifically from respiratory illnesses are less than they have been in the corresponding periods for decades (‘coincidentally’ deaths from TB, flu, etc. simply stopped in April as every respiratory death was supposedly caused by Covid. Not to mention it ‘curing’ cancer and heart disease as they declined too). That’s changing now with overall rates being higher than for those same decades, not from Covid, but from all those unable, or unwilling to attend for diagnosis and treatment of all the other fatal conditions/diseases.

Much of the actual research and statistics showing the limited effects of Covid come from here, yet I can guarantee almost none is being seen by SAGE and the PM. The bureaucrats and media can ensure that (and that any advisors come from one camp only).

The PM is a man besieged. It may be, which I question, that he does not have DJT’s fortitude, but whilst POTUS is also under constant attack, he at least has ‘some’ support. BoJo has, I suspect, none. Worse, I again suspect, that these draconian policies and idiotic policies aren’t even his, but are being forced through by the other members of SAGE and the Cabinet (remember The PM does not have the executive, and separate, powers of a President but relies on the Party machine). So they make ‘him’ the public face of ‘their’ policies, so any negatives reflect on him. As such I do believe he’s being deliberately targetted (remember much as DJT he’s the ‘outsider’ who’s upsetting the vested interests … er, interests).

When the dust settles it’ll be used (much as they hope to do there) as an excuse to replace him with a more ‘compliant’ leader. They want one of their own back in charge, and I don’t think Boris has enough left to fight them, which doesn’t bode well for this country.

LSP said...

I was thinking that too, LL. As for the dove... grrrr... next time. Hopefully Friday.

LSP said...

WSF, was there ever so much BS pushed by so few against so many? Serious question.

LSP said...

Anon, I used to enjoy the odd brandy and soda (Lit Review Club) with BJ when he was a humble, smart, fun, enjoyable fella to hang out with of an evening in SOHO. So what's all this nonsense?

I fear you're right, SAGE and associated skulduggery. Look at his eyes, clearly haunted and demented.

He needs to break free, be the BoJo of old and deliver WTF HE PROMISED OR FACE THE STORM.

Sorry, was that aggressive?

Well Seasoned Fool said...

WSF, was there ever so much BS pushed by so few against so many? Serious question.

IMO, fits into many agendas. Something I recently put on Facebook.

My paranoid mind at work. Most of the time, most of the people, don't pay attention to politics, politicians, or even elections. With the Chinese flu, we have no choice; everyday it is in our faces (literally, masks). The politicians are getting far more attention for free than they ever could with advertising. Remember, they mean to govern and being ignored most of the time hurts their feelings. This won't end with the November elections, IMO. The politicians will ride this horse until it collapses.

LSP said...

WSF, I predict a conflagration when 45 becomes 46.

What then, Insurrection Act?

Anonymous said...

Soho? How the other half lives!

I have a feeling, at the time, I was probably lying in a ditch, or possibly an attic, drinking lukewarm water from my 58.

On leave I seem to (only vaguely) remember being more of a Leicester Square and environs person (I ‘do’ remember being barred from Napoleons on Waterloo for eating a rubber plant – I can’t seem to, for the life of me, recall exactly why now though). I realise it sounds more rugby, rather than literary, club, or even a bit ‘other-rankish’ but truth be told I only just squeaked through my AOSB based on my physical and test scores. At the interview they unfortunately identified that I was completely lacking one of the fundamental requirements of being an officer … my parents were married (badoom-tish. I do parties, hen-nights and barmitzvahs – just pay me in beer).

Anonymous said...

Boris listened to the experts. Experts can often be wrong. We should have banned entry to the UK immediately but instead we allowed thousands of cases of infection into the country.The question is who were these hundred of thousands of people flying around the world to London during a global pandemic?

LSP said...

It's a longish story, Anon, but I found myself in London during the mid/late '90s and fell in with a bunch of rightist journos. They'd meet at the Lit Review on Beak St. Fun. Of course you were far more gainfully employed!

I revisited some of my old London haunts the other year and predictably enough everything seemed smaller and less exciting than used to. Still, I love London.

LSP said...

That, Anonymous, is a very good question.

Theodore said...

The CZ is back from its watery grave?

LSP said...

T, I managed to salvage the weapon using a long rope and a very powerful magnet! Thank God.

Very pleased with the gun, btw.