Monday, September 21, 2020

Elder Abuse and a Short Sermon

This is Joe Biden campaigning in Wisconsin today. His mask is upside down and inside out. As we reflect on this unsettling parable of elder abuse, here's Kim Klacik's latest:

Wow, you cared about black lives more than our own Democrat leaders. People like Joe, Hillary, Obama and the grand author of the welfare plantation himself, LBJ. To say nothing of their GOP partners in crime. 

Picture the massive sums of money they've made at the expense of the people they pretended and still pretend to serve; the mansions, jets, servants, the sheer power of the thing. 

With this in mind, do you remember the words of Christ? 

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? 


The devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them; and saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall down and worship me. Then saith Jesus unto him, Get thee hence, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve. 

Good luck Kim,

Your Friend,



LL said...

He has always been a second rate democrat. He wasn't even cool enough to be invited to Epstein's Island - second stringer. He had to find his own little girls to grope.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Does anyone think he can last until November?

Anonymous said...

I despair at times at just how utterly naive (or possibly in denial) most people appear to be.

I’ll admit it took me few years to notice that, for example in ‘crime and punishment’ that those people demanding ‘touchy-feely’, ‘nuanced’ and ‘supportive’ sentences for criminals aren’t doing so because they care, they are doing so because they ‘know’ that in certain circumstances ‘they’ would happily commit those crimes.

Consider a crime you would not, ‘could’ not commit under ‘any’ circumstances, be it TEOTWAWKI or to save the life of your family. What punishment would you levy upon the ‘cheerful’ perpetrator of such a crime? (You don’t realise the extent of the censorship of what happens ‘regularly’ around the world until you’ve personally had to ‘clear up’ the aftermath of yet another ‘marxist/islamic attack’ and had to ‘give grace’ to the mutilated remnants of women, children and babies left alive, suffering, beyond any aid ‘spitted’ or ‘nailed’ on to objects, only to have to do the same on your next tour in a completely different theatre/country/continent).

The simple fact is that a sizeable proportion of any population will view such acts, such crimes, such atrocities, not as a last resort but as their preferred first.

My point? The assumption, as your choice of passages for the sermon confirms, is that such people act as they do because of ‘temptation’ having ‘been corrupted’. That may be, is, true for some but the simple fact is that a significant number do so because they are basically, fundamentally evil. They aren’t simply beyond redemption, but irredeemable.

We ‘all’ assume that, to an extent, ‘we’ are/could be ‘them’ but for the grace of God, but be honest, no matter the environment, circumstances, experiences, upbringing or culture can you ‘really’ imagine yourself acting as they do? They have not mistakenly ‘chosen’ evil, they ‘are’ evil (and there are more of them out there than any normal, sane person should be comfortable with).

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.

Kid said...

Good Point from LL. Not even cool enough to be invited to the island.

Yes, Good Luck Kim. Will the Baltimorites take a chance at life ? Could it be the start of a black revolution in these democrat slave camps ?

Adrienne said...

OMGosh - she has "the shoes" in white as well as red. That's an extra vote for Kim!!

LSP said...

LL, has there ever been a worse presidential candidate? I know, I know, Hillary was more evil. Obama more of a faked up magician, but Biden's just pathetic.

Let's see those flight logs. And Weiner's laptop. Oh, we can't, the FBI had it erased.

LSP said...

Bets are on he won't, WSF.

LSP said...

Anon, I thank God I've not had to witness such extreme, depraved evil. That our countries, the West, could stamp much of it out but lack the will and moral compass to do so makes our shot callers complicit, to say the very least.

Do you remember the English Colonel, I think, who spent his life rooting out Thugee? I'd imagine he'd be cashiered today.

But how does evil take hold of a person? Are some people "born that way," to quote Lady Gaga, or do they fall for temptation and run with it? I'd argue the latter, against the Calvinists, who'd say both/and. Regardless, the net result's the same, evil, and it exists. Sometimes beyond comprehension, and weirdly banal and bestial at the same time.

My feeling, for what little it's worth, is that these bad actors are possessed by Satan. We have to ask, how many of them are politicians and uncivil servants.

Now look what you've done, opened up Pandora's Box on the nature of evil. Dammit, chances are I'll have to read something, which is annoyingly easy because ammo can't be found, so shooting's off. And it's it's raining, so no fishing. What is this, Aberystwyth, Borth?!?

PS. Point of the sermon was "can't worship God and Mammon." Should've been more clear.

LSP said...

Sure hope so, Kid, and not before time.

Good luck, Kim.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I'm all for Kim. And just imagine, the corrupt malfeasants kicked out of power and the city made good. I know, a bit of a dream but still.