Thursday, September 3, 2020


Hair? Well yes, especially if you're legendary Millionaire Socialist Nancy Pelosi. She needed a special treatment from her stylist and got it, despite hair salons being shut down by Democrat edict in the Golden State. One rule for our ruling #MillSoc elite and another for all the serfs, eh?

But before you can say stunning hypocrisy and all pigs are created equal but some pigs are more equal than others, Savage Angel Kayleigh was on it, on loop:

Tucker wasn't off the X-Ring either:

Note how Pelosi, caught red-handed in skulduggery, malfeasance and outright appalling optics went straight on the offence, accusing the salon owner of "setting her up." She, Nancy, the actual criminal, is the victim and the wicked hairdresser's the aggressor.

Whoa, Nancy, ten out of ten for sheer, brazen, talons-out aggression. Do we see a pattern emerging in the Democrat playbook? Commit a crime, get accused of it and then furiously transfer blame to the innocent party. In this case hairdressers, in others, the police or President. 

It's probably in Alinsky's Rules For Radicals, if you care to read it. Whatever the case, word to the wise. 

Speaker of the House, think twice before you tangle with hairdressers, they have weird and dangerous power. That's why I use barbers, if you can find them these days, which isn't easy. And stay tuned for a red flip in California come November.

Off topic but should Kayleigh McEnany become Honourary Colonel of everything? After Melania, obviously.




Undergroundpewster said...

That was a bad hair day for Nancy.

drjim said...

I'd be stunned if Kommiefornia flipped to red this year.

We still have a decent chance to save Colorado, but Kali is a lost cause. Maybe that's why they're so brazen in their affairs? They know The Little People have no recourse in a one-party state. so they tell us to eat cake....

Well Seasoned Fool said...

You can take the girl out of the Mafia, but not the Mafia out of the girl. Maiden name, D'Alesandro. Home town, Baltimore.

Anonymous said...

Can you (please) name a single one of those, not only most vociferously demanding closures and restrictions, but forcing them on the rest of us, who ‘hasn’t’ hypocritically flouted those same restrictions themselves? (Seriously!)

It’s just like the whole climate scam with all those ‘celebrities’ demanding no more flights (for us) whilst flying in their private jets to the ‘conferences’ to demand it.

“I’ll believe it’s a crisis when those who tell us it’s a crisis, start acting like it’s a crisis.”

I'm just a foreigner, but from my impression Cali 'could' go red (and whose idea was it to flip the colours?) if ... you got rid of the voter fraud and ... all those illegals (ie. the Democrat base). Just sayin'. (It's the same here, without all those immigrants allowed to vote via EU diktat, Labour would be a nonentity fringe party).

I’m safe from hairdressers and barbers both, being somewhat lacking in ‘supra-orbital hirsuteness’ I just give myself an occasional ‘polish’ and I’m good to go.

(It started in my early twenties, when everybody else had ‘big’ hair, but with some extensive ‘ballistically’ induced scarring, an almost completely grey now goatee, I’m now apparently ‘fashionable’!?! I’ve never been fashionable before, don’t know how to be fashionable, and am really annoyed that I couldn’t have been fashionable when I still had the inclination, or at least the energy, to take advantage of it. Sigh!

I went through a phase in which I wondered if those ancient Greeks didn’t have it right. The idea of, instead of a caring God watching over us, having a bunch of scheming Gods and Goddesses who apparently really like slapstick, poking, prodding and manipulating us, going “lets do this to him and see if we can make him fall on his butt” seemed likely, and … could explain so much in my life.

I’m not paranoid. You’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you).

Kid said...

Well, we know exactly what Kayleigh is saying and don't need the primer but I guess there are some people who do need the education or at least be put on notice that they're not slipping things by on us. Not that they care, but it's something when beasts are called out for their beastly behavior. Doing it on a daily basis, multiple times per day would even be better.

Even the Nana's get uncomfortable as confirmed by the snake-like strike back.


From my readings: Sociopaths never admit wrong-doing. Never. And if you'll permit my self-reference, a "Nitzakhon Quotable":

For a charge of hypocrisy to work to restrain someone or pull them back, they must be able to be shamed in front of people about whom they care and whose opinions they respect. This is why the charge sticks to people on the Right… and why it doesn’t on the Left. Because if you’re on the Left you only care about the opinions of your fellow Borgleft Collective members who are, universally, on the same page as you, want power as much as you do, and share your belief in your intellectual & moral superiority. Leftists don’t care that you’ve got double-standards so long as you are advancing the cause of creating a Socialist paradise on earth, so you won’t care about charges of hypocrisy by anyone to the Right of Stalin – because Conservatives are the enemy anyway.

We can point out their hypocrisies and double-standards until we are hoarse; while it’s important to have “for the record” it won’t matter in shaming or deterring them. They don’t care about our opinions in the slightest.

Adrienne said...

think twice before you tangle with hairdressers, they have weird and dangerous power

We do, indeed, have wonderful powers. I'd be happy to keep your hair looking wonderful, LSP.

Hairdressers are part of the "night people." When I was in my 20's I put peeps in two categories - day people and night people. Night people don't necessarily work at night, but their jobs are "different" from the average day person. For instance, night people are police officers, parole officers, cocktail/food waitresses, bartenders, hotel workers, truck drivers, and hairdressers - to name just a few. Day peeps are accountants, office workers, and $ store cashiers. Day people do not understand night people, and night people think day people are boring. They are...

Mike_C said...

Classic DARVO (deny, attack, reverse victim and offender). The Left: Always with the claims of being The Real Victim.

Just for fun, go to the Wikipedia page on "DARVO". Their examples of DARVO are set up to equate Trump with R. Kelly.

LSP said...

Well it really was, pewster. And just like that, it fell outta the news cycle for some lying screed from the Atlantic.

LSP said...

I think it'd be a miracle if California flipped, drjim. But miracles do happen. Trump beat Hillary, for example.

LSP said...

WSF, I always forget her Baltimore connection. Takes skulduggery and malfeasance to a whole new level.

LSP said...

Anon, per drjim, the Golden State might go red, ironically, if a MIRACLE occurs. We pray for that, obviously. But here's the thing, the people coming over the border at appx 1k+ per day(?) aren't always leftists, far frm it. Some may remember Eva, Pinochet and all the rest. The Dems might want to think twice before betting the farm on that.

Impressed to know you have a "Napoleon"! My hair's intact, oddly, though it's turned grey over the last decade of serving in this small rural, Texan haven.

As for the Gods. Well, the idolaters and everyone else should take note -- those who go against the Holy Spirit will be relentlessly destroyed by the same Spirit.

LSP said...

Kid, I liked this: "'s something when beasts are called out for their beastly behavior."

And that's just it, beasts.

The Revelator spoke truly. As does Kayleigh, Hon. Col. of Everything.

LSP said...

Thanks, Adrienne.

Anyone who messes with hairdressers is an outright fool. And yes, Night People v. Day People. I'm in the former and far more interesting group. Is that appropriate in a Padre? I dunno, but I'm sticking to it.

Please initiate RICO against Pelosi. Thx.

Kid said...

And when I write beast, I mean Satanic, sold soul to, no mincing of words. The intentional damage these beasts have done...

LSP said...

They only care about force, N.

It will hit them.

LSP said...

Ah, Mike, DARVO!

Well spotted. I'll check out the Wiki.

LSP said...

I got that, Kid. Note ref to St. John the Divine.