Sunday, September 6, 2020

Sunday Sermon

Here's a Sunday sermon, but not from me, I'm too busy sharpening  quills, dusting off ammo pouches and polishing .45s. Regardless, this preacher says you can't be a Catholic and vote Democrat. 

I'd agree, just substitute Christian for catholic, are the two synonymous? and there you go.

You CANNOT be a Catholic -- or a CHRISTIAN and vote DEMOCRAT.




Adrienne said...

OMGosh! Our pastor today talked about politics and said that when political parties delved into the moral order, the Church has a right and duty to talk about politics. He then read the pertinent moral points of the democratic platform, which mentions God exactly once, and compared it to the Republican platform, which mentions God sixteen times. He covered abortion, LBGT issues, et al.

And earlier this week our previous pastor, Father Dennis Nolan, ticked off the diocese of Colorado by going public with the advice to not wear a mask.

It's about time we had some real men in the priesthood - like you!

PrimusPilus said...

Tip: Ditch the music. If you're gonna preach, preach . . . leave the orchestrals out,
they contribute nothing and detract plenty.

LL said...

The idea of a systemic program to take the lives of unborn children with no underlying medical situation to justify it is mass murder. How else can it be categorized.

There were 862,000 abortions in the US in 2017...crickets.

How many otherwise HEALTHY people died of the Covid Chinese Plague?

Kid said...

Imagine in the abstract that God does not even exist - You can't even be a decent human being and vote democrat.

Old NFO said...

Good one, and nice to see it!

Anonymous said...


Think of just how stupid the average person you know is. Then consider that, by definition, at least half the population is more stupid than that.

Consider how effective the political cartoons of the C18 and C19 were, and realise that was because the bulk of the populations then were either illiterate, or simply didn’t bother to read. It was from those cartoons that their ‘only’ understanding of the issues arose. It is worse now. I’ve literally lost count of the numbers of people I have met old and, a growing cohort of the, young who are proud (literally brag) they have never read a book since leaving school.

I’m sure I’ve said before but, ‘we’ judge the utterances, actions and behaviours of others based, not on what they actually know, but on what we consider ‘any normal person like us’ would. We are judging ‘them’ by ‘our’ standards. The depressing fact is those standards are, demonstrably, too high.

Consider something so basic, fundamental, that you assume it is common knowledge (not something esoteric from some personal area of interest, something ‘everybody’ knows). Then test that assumption, and I’ll guarantee you’ll be shocked at how many even ostensibly intelligent people you know either don’t know it, or, perhaps worse, fundamentally misunderstand the basis of that knowledge.

The music isn’t there for you. It’s there to, vainly I suspect, attempt to engage those ‘short attention-span’ people who do not even consider such things.

I’m not claiming we’re more intelligent, wiser or better than they, but that we need to ‘in the bone’ understand is that the vast majority of people, whether raised in ease or struggle, ‘choose’ not to view reality because … it’s hard.

You, I, we all know that the entire basis of our culture, our very conception of morality is based entirely on Judeo-Christian faith. Yet most ‘choose’ not to.

Consider, the abomination that is, abortion. From my experience the average man and woman in the street view it, exactly as it was ‘sold’ to society, as a necessary evil, only used in the the most rare and extreme situations, as a ‘choice’ of last resort. That, in reality, it is used as a ‘matter of convenience’, profit and eugenics, and operates on an industrial scale (as it was always intended to) is something they, again not only choose, but refuse to see.

It’s why I view the media, even more than education, as the root cause of the debauchery and destruction of our values and culture. Why? Because for a significant proportion of the population the ‘place’ they get their ‘knowledge’, behaviours and even moral cues from is … movies, sitcoms and reality shows. (Look at how 'mainstream' drugs or even tattoos are now. One could argue movies reflect society, they did but they don't now, they reflect specifically chosen minority extremes ... and society follows blindly behind).

They aren’t unique in this. You, like I will have some of ‘who you are’ based on faith, parents, upbringing, siblings, peers and education, but a not insignificant part of ‘how you choose to act’ will be based on how your ‘hero's’ would act. I often, introspectively, am startled by just how often, even now, I subconsciously act in a manner based on ‘what would The Duke do’ (ditto Bogart, Cagney and, don’t judge me … Basil Rathbourne arise more than they perhaps should. Oh, and Shackleton, Stirling, Popski too as a ‘reader’). To an extent 'media is downstream from culture' is not only untrue but reversed.

That is who the music is targetted at (and I often wonder if the simple act of smuggling a number of moral people onto the Big Brother set would make a difference).

The simple fact is that the majority do not reject Christianity, and the morality it demands, they … avoid it.

Anonymous said...

Democrats? Much like the media penchant for, when a crime is committed, always citing when the criminal was once (thirty years before, for a year, and dishonourably discharged) a soldier (whilst accidentally forgetting to mention that the arresting officer, paramedic saving the victim, etc. were also former soldiers). It’s a narrative. All those Christian (and Jewish) democrats are only Christian in the sense that their parents and society was, habit, and it's useful to claim (but only when they wish) to excuse non-Christian beliefs and behaviours (and incidentally tar all Christians with the brush of ‘their’ sins).

The fact that if they truly examined the facts they not only wouldn't, but couldn't, be Democrats presupposes they aren't more interested in 'I'm an attention-whore, please let me restart my failing career' on TV than opening their eyes and facing uncomfortable truths. Or that a significant proportion use their (blatantly untruthful) claimed Christianity purely to attack that which they have rejected.

Most of (all) church hierarchies seems, to me, to be predicated on the fact that they joined the church to find 'a clean, indoor job with no heavy lifting and a good wage' and little, if anything, to do with faith. In fact most demonstrate they not only have no faith, but wish to destroy ohers (Conquests 3rd law illustrated).

It always strikes me as ‘amusing’ that so much of what we see in the world now is ‘rebel cosplay’. Everyone is sporting (badly drawn) tattoos to show their claimed independence, individuality and rebellion. Anti-smoking (the first true implementation), Global cooling/warming/change/whatever, Antifa & BLM, ... all the same. Mobs ‘rebelling’ against … what?

Speak to any Democrat (or Labour supporter here) and you will always find the claimed rebel. In organisations and institutions so overwhelmingly leftist there isn’t a single contrary opinion, they are all ‘sticking it to the man’. With education, judiciary, senior police, government bureaucracy, media (old and new), etc. all theirs they ‘are’ the man.

I wondered why. What would cause so many to act and believe this self-destructive hypocrisy?

They are, quite literally, terrified of being, or just being seen to be, ‘different’. They will abuse and scar themselves, ignore their basic nature and interests, prostrate and debase themselves before those who despise them, … all so that they ‘fit in’, ‘belong’ to something, anything.

We’re social animals (even, especially, loners like me). We all do it to some extent, but (speaking for myself) any such temptation is tempered by self-respect and self-worth and, fundamentally, by belief in something bigger and better than I am. Faith.

They have been indoctrinated that they (individually) are worthless. That any achievement ‘steals’ from someone else, so is evil. That family, country and God ‘oppress’ them. They truly do not believe in anything bigger, or better than they are. So what is left? The clique, the herd, the … mob.

That is your average Democrat. They hold contradictory and self-destructive views and don’t care whether they are right or wrong as long as ‘all right thinking people believe it’.

There was a suggestion that post a disaster such as an EMP, that feminism (and by extension all other lefty idiocy) would disappear within seconds. I agree, but mainly because such an event would force ‘them’ out of their bubble to face reality for once (removing the media and welfare). That they aren’t the majority. That choices have consequences. And that family, country and faith are all that stand between us and barbarity.

The true rebels are those who force us to face uncomfortable truths. Who face being ostracised, vilified, attacked, tortured and murdered to truly ‘speak truth to power’. He has the best ‘role model’ but that doesn’t reduce his courage for challenging the hierarchy and (the modern progressive) required orthodoxy.

LSP said...

Well done your Pastors, Adrienne! The Church needs to speak out and grow a spine.

LSP said...

Primus, I didn't much like the delivery but thought the message in the X Ring.

LSP said...

LL, this is a satanic crime of monumental proportion. I don't say that lightly.

LSP said...

At this point, Kid, it's pushing the boundaries. Look how they've gone full-tilt satan -- at birth abortion, "burn it down," hatred of EVERYTHING and all the rest. Good election platform, satanic nihilism.

Will the country care? Let's see.

LSP said...

Anon & Primus:

"how your ‘hero's’ would act" -- which forces the question, exactly who are our heroes in 2020? I'm not sure we have any, of real popular value, and so the culture erects frauds like Jacob Blake, a rapist, George Floyd, a counterfeiter, drug dealing thug and on.

In the absence of contemporaries to look up to we dive into the past. No harm there, but we must chose wisely and act accordingly.


LSP said...

Well said, Anon. We must reclaim the culture and that, obviously enough, starts with cult. But the right one, obviously.

Are we too far gone? Good question and some feel we are, perhaps, in that instance and if true, the Benedict Option makes sense?

Me? I think the fight's still on.

PrimusPilus said...

Re: 'Music'

Fr. Altman is a good speaker in his own right. And a modern Hero in my book.
He's usually in the 10 ring. And this is the first I've heard with musical overlay. Didn't work for me. I heard a Classical orchestral performance, with someone in the seat behind nattering on, not so 'soto voce'.

I believe the message is of sufficient importance and gravity, that it deserves unimpeded airing. I don't recall Dr King being swamped by the boom and crash of
symphonic 'enhancement'.

Hairy eared barbarian that I am, I don't even know the selection . . . I wouldn't mind
hearing it proper form, if one or another might be so kind to pass on the title.

My tanks in advance.

LSP said...

"boom and crash of
symphonic 'enhancement'"

Well written, Primus!

Might have to quote you.

I don't know the selection either, though it sounds familiar. We're obviously both barbarians.

LSP said...

Primus, I apologize for the commentariat on this blog. No one's answered your orchestral question -- I'll try and find out.

LSP said...

Primus -- it's Beethoven's Death March, of course.