Sunday, September 13, 2020

Ministry of Truth or Kingdom of Lies?

Thanks to Borepatch, all the world knows George Orwell's Ministry of Truth wasn't so much a prediction as a training manual. Type in "White American Inventors" in a Google search bar and see the images it presents.

A Black Inventor

Go on, give it a go!


And of course Google's right, Thomas Edison? Famously black. Alexander Graham Bell? Indisputably Black. Samuel Morse? Notoriously black. Elias Singer? Genuinely black. George "Kodak" Eastman? Black as you like. Charles Goodyear? Black as the tires he invented. George Westinghouse? Never blacker.


Maybe, Google, if you just lie hard enough everyone will believe you. Or will they start to think, enough of this BS and take the contrary view?


Remember, readers, everything the Left attempts produces the exact opposite of its intended result. It's like an... axiom.




Anonymous said...

I’d say I was surprised, but I’m not. It’s just SSDD more of the same bunk they’ve been peddling for decades.

Wacanda, manipulation of academia to favour blacks, the claimed innocence of patently violently criminal blacks, etc., etc., etc,.

(I particularly ‘like’ Wacanda. Having spent ‘some’ time in Africa, and its faecalised environment, and having quite a few African friends. The last people to believe in some mythical ‘golden age’ are the the intelligent Africans. They openly acknowledge, to whites only as they dare not publicly, their gratitude for bringing their ancestors out of the stone age. The ‘only’ area that were more developed were in the north as a result of contact with Arabs and Europeans, mainly the Portuguese.

Consider that on only two major/continental land-masses, and very few island for that matter, did the natives ‘not’ develop metalworking skills, the written word, mathematics, cities and political unions above the level of the tribe. That would be Africa and North America. The two ‘most favoured races’ of the leftists would still be stone-age barbarians – with the nasty, brutish and short existence that that entailed - without white peoples help. These were/are resource rich areas, better by far than the areas civilisation developed, so why not them?)

We can all see it for the lies it is, but they’re not targetting us. They’re not even targetting young whites (although some will fall prey to the lies). They’re targetting blacks.

Watch any Hollywood film or TV show of the last 20/30 years and notice the ‘unexplained’ black characters. They are ’always’ intelligent, honourable, family-orientated, snappier dressers and better dancers – in fact just all round better guys than the whites. Even when the character is a criminal, they are only so because of oppression, or to feed a starving family (or possibly save a kitten). It’s so contrived as to be farcical.

Do you honestly believe Hollywood writers, producers, directors think that this is what most blacks are ‘really’ like? Nope, they are trying to indoctrinate and ‘train’ blacks by example. Because as every (Democrat) knows blacks are too stupid to realise that such lifestyles and actions are better … without some rich white guy telling them.

The fact is that ‘all’ this pro-black propaganda is openly the very thing they claim to be against, racism. They aren’t doing all this because they like and respect blacks, they’re doing it because they hate and despise them. They’re ‘using’ blacks for their own aims, and some blacks are aware of this and are ‘using’ them back for ‘their’ aims.

It’s a con on both sides, with the rest of us being expected to shut up and take it.

That and, just as telling blacks they are innocent even when they aren't is used to justify their violence and criminal behaviours. This will be used to justify and intensifying of that behaviour yet again. The truth is it wont make much difference to those already rioting. It 'will' further alienate and annoy whites though. (I wonder if Google understands just how vulnerable, speaking purely hypothetically, their infrastructure and personnel are?).

(Oh, I again particularly ‘like’ the whole ‘cultural appropriation’ rubbish. Take dreadlocks for example. No tribe in Africa traditionally wears dreadlocks, none, zero, zilch. They, now, in fact signify an affiliation with Rastafarianism. That would be the Rastafarianism that, see Haile Silassie as a prophet, and arose in the 1930’s.

Now historically dreadlocks were plainly seen in other areas going back to the Scythians, Middle Eastern Ascetics and Dervishes all the way back to the Minoans 3600 years ago.

So just who is culturally appropriating whom?

Now rinse and repeat for all the other claimed ‘African’ cultural icons because they are all appropriated from someone else, and I hate to tell you but ... they weren't black).

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Isn't the liars punishment to not be believed when speaking the truth?

Kid said...

I was born a poor black child but I grew out of it.

LSP said...

Wakanda's especially awesome, Anon. I like the way Wakandans invented the wheel, penicillin, the internal combustion engine, railroads, electricity and more recently, space flight. Their art's great too. Name one, yes, one great artist that wasn't black. Go on, I dare you.

LSP said...

I've heard that was the case, WSF.

LSP said...

KId, I know it was hard. Well done.

Old NFO said...

Simply amazing...

Anonymous said...

I should climb off my soapbox but …

Have you noticed the whole (similar) ‘black people are physically superior’ schtick, that has become accepted ‘truth’. The whole ‘look at the NFL and NBA they’re all black they must be better’ meme. It really isn’t that simple.

Try examining British football (soccer) and Rugby. Football used to be (obviously) an all white affair. Now it is predominantly a black sport. Why? Because, despite or perhaps because of the millions of pounds involved, it is seen as a ‘thug’ sport, and because of alternatives. All the white players who would have, in the past, played now choose to become stock-brokers, lawyers, engineers or craftsmen … and if they must play sport, they play rugby, a ‘civilised’ game.

Try arguing that soccer players (predominantly black) are more physically capable than rugby players (predominantly white) and I guarantee the soccer players wont need to play-act injuries.

Also it’s similar to the ‘accepted fact’ that (Asian though mainly) Chinese martial arts are superior to all others. Yes, a trained martial artist will (almost) always prevail against an untrained westerner. But since the advent of mixed martial arts it’s become, almost laughably, apparent that those with a basis in western boxing and wrestling are not just better, they’re adults toying with children. It’s the ‘it’s different, exotic, from far way it must be good’ meme (see Mrs. Cosmopolite again).

The re-writing of facts, historical or scientific, to fit the narrative is just what they do. And the narrative is always to attack and ‘diminish’ white, western, male, Christians in any way possible.

(Another apparent non sequitur) Women are biologically ‘programmed’ to submit to ‘invaders’ as a (personal and their childrens) survival trait. They, often subconsciously, identify the ‘strong’ in a threatening situation and ‘attach’ themselves to them. Its a survival strategy that history has endlessly proven as ‘sensible’ because it works (those who do so always fare better than those who don’t, and much better than any men).

Look at the riots. At Antifa and BLM and what do you see? The usual suspects of young blacks and disaffected loser white males, but ‘surprisingly’ large numbers of young (or not so young) white women.

The constant biased drivel from the media (TV, dead-tree and social) portraying blacks as stronger (the ‘after all the whites would stop the riots if they could – wouldn’t they’ assumption) is causing those indoctrinated young women to (in their minds) act pre-emptively in self-defence.

Also women (as a group) are considerably more group/consensus/peer driven than men. They ‘must’ fit in, be one of the in-crowd, because to be ostracised or excluded is worse than death.

So it’s all the same game. By portraying blacks as stronger, better, faster, smarter (and don’t they have to lie through their teeth for that one) their aim is to destroy white culture. Feminism, with a great deal of help from welfare and judicial warfare against men, has already almost completely destroyed the family. This is then to ‘encourage’ and incline those white women to ally with blacks, further reducing the stable white families.

They don’t in reality prefer blacks. They simply ‘must’ act (or at least initially, Stockholm syndrome and indoctrination not withstanding) as though they do because the threat and peer pressure demand it.

Yet another example why the 19th was ‘big’ mistake!

So, propaganda that will further incite blacks and further destabilise white culture. Why wouldn’t they?

LSP said...

NFO, I saw this via Borepatch and had to try it out. Wow, are they trying to create a generation of racists? Apparently. I don't see it ending well.

Edison was black, btw.

LSP said...

Interesting wymxn observation, Anon. And yes, look at all those white, privileged, undergrad girls out there shrieking their allegiance to Wakanda. You'll note, along with everyone else, that they don't do it in Trump towns or, curiously, in Detroit.

There's a lesson to be drawn in that.

And again, the Left's like the famous kid who just can't stop zhirself from hitting they in the forehead with its rainbow hued ice cream cone.

Good rugby point. I used to play until I discovered I was set to remain 5.9 while everyone else towered to 6++! Took up rowing and cross country after that epiphany... hmmm.

In the meanwhile, we face an attempted Marxist insurrection. My feeling is this country doesn't have the will or stomach for such a thing. On the contrary, people are disgusted with shrieking wymxn and dindus going savage with the wink of their Democrat Mayors and Governors.

In other words, it's faked up, plastic, astroturf, agitprop garbage.

Everyone knows the dindus are outta control, and everyone's being polite, for now. There's a limit to that.