Wednesday, September 16, 2020

A Sign

Ma LSP's asking if it's alright to put this sign up in her Dallas neighborhood. I said yes but the question's rhetorical, sign's up. The libs in her gayborhood, Winnetka Heights, let the reader understand, will snarl, gnash their teeth and curse.

If needs be, I'll drive in from the country, sit on the porch with a .45 and a 12 and guard the sign from the enemy. But note to the signers.

Science isn't God? No, not fake science, but the real deal, taken to perfection; knowledge personified and necessary. Different story, surely.

And I nearly forgot, follow @LoneStarParson on twitter. Same story, different platform.

Crush the NWO Underheel,



RHT447 said...

If you decide to mount guard reliefs, I'm available, fully equipped.

LSP said...

RHT, I'll certainly let you know.

Adrienne said...

Ma LSP is braver than I am. Although with only four houses on our little private road, there's not too many people to see a sign, and they're all Trumpers anyway.

LSP said...

Adrienne, she lives in perhaps the most lib part of Dallas. Biden signs by the yard. But she's fierce and won't put up with their faggy BS.

I need to preach a sermon -- You Can't be Christian And Vote Dem.

We're most certainly at that point.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps it’s my philosophical (read: malicious) bent but rather than sit on the porch I’d be more likely to wire the sign (sited back a little with an obvious obstacle in front to deter all but the zealous) up to a 3 phase outlet and film it (and in my, hypothetical honestly officer, experience perimeter trip alarms work really well with 12g salt shells).

Like you I’ve been lucky(?) enough to have been exposed to some of the foremost thinkers and (real) scientists in Britain (it’s not my fault they all seem to drink in whatever my ‘local’ was at the time*). They all, with the rarest of exception, believe in God, with the one caveat of the scientists being not that ‘there isn’t any evidence’ but that ‘there’s plenty of evidence if you’d stopping thinking so small’.

An example? Look at Euclid’s Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence. The Golden Ration is found in everything from how plants, animals and we humans are ‘constructed’. From down to the atomic scale and up to how whole galaxies behave. Now tell me that such a consistent ratio ‘baked into’ the very fabric of our universe is random. (We petty and self-absorbed humans think almost exclusively of how God/we ‘should’ relate, forgetting that He is in … everything’).

(Mis)quoting Pratchett again, even the most ardent ‘atheist’ (read: blind idiot in denial) when their world goes TU doesn’t get down on their knees and cry “Oh, purely random fluctuations in the space-time continuum please save me”. So even they ‘know’.

[* I used to occasionally drink at The Coach & Horses in Hampstead too, an establishment frequented by ‘the luvvies’, but had to excuse myself as their sober conversations put the most inane ramblings of your average bricky who’d drunk 18 pints to shame. That and they never, ever, bought their rounds).

P.S. It's, to a lesser extent, mirrored here with areas where Labour has been dominant for generations now only seeing them campaign in small groups (they're being 'accosted' and 'questioned' a little too much in-depth on their own, even by those whose votes they've effectively 'owned' for decades). I wonder whether, instead of 'the end' and 'a collapse', these riots and rebellions, these 'hard times' are in fact leading to/causing a 'greater awakening'. Whilst the zealots are becoming more and more extreme, they are doing so out of desperation, precisely because they realise they are losing?

LSP said...

Losing, Anon? That's exactly what's been happening and they don't seem to like it. Kyrie.

Coach & Horses?

Ye Gods!

I miss London.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Good on her.

LSP said...

She's very fierce, WSF,

LSP said...

And Anon, I like the signage tip. Rig up a game cam to boot and let the games begin.