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Friday, October 11, 2019

A Savage Twist

The ongoing War Against the Weather (WAW) took a sudden and savage twist last night. Yes, we'd been lulled into a false sense of security by warm sunny skies, and no rain, what was that, skywater? It was like being in California but without the weird gun laws, the needles, the freaks and the mosques, an Indian Summer we thought would never end. Then Boom.

Around 19:00 a fierce, chill wind kicked in from the east, thunder began to rumble and the first drops of rain fell on the Compound. The opening salvo, a foretaste of things to come, and followed all too soon by barrage after barrage of increasingly elemental fury 'til the house shook with the roar of it.

Blue Eschaton took it all in stride and laid down on a Moslem rug in the living room while I watched the celestial fireworks through the glass of the front door, listening to rain lash against the wooden walls of the house. 

It was like being in Aberystwyth, except this is Texas and accordingly larger, wilder, more ominous. Will the Compound survive, I wondered, idly gazing at a handy shotgun propped up next to a couple of obviously useful fishing rods.

Good question, so I went out on the front porch and stood there, resolute, Ahab against the storm. "Thank God I'm armed," I muttered grimly while lightning arced across the sky and flags whipped in the wind.

This continued well into morning, while our Old Enemy the Weather launched assault after assault on the freedom loving people of North Central Texas. Were we defeated? No, we were not, the Compound stands to fight again another day.

And this message is for you, Irish Bob, Beto O'Rourke. You will never be President and you and your millionaire socialist friends will not succeed in taking our guns and erasing our faith. Freedom to bear arms and freedom of religion is written into the DNA of this country, not least Texas. Mess with that and take your choice.

Aggressively yours,


Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Gun Confiscation

Everyone's on the Left's howling for gun confiscation, again, and that's because some crazy shot up Odessa, Texas. Walmart's even announced it won't be selling pistol and "assault rifle ammunition" at its stores. I won't comment, but check out Tucker. I'd say he's right in the X Ring.

Disclaimer. I don't watch Fox or any other network, why pay for propaganda to be piped directly into your home to make you a better serf? Still, I'd say Carlson's value on this. Your call.

Gun rights,


Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Come Back Weather Underground All Is Forgiven

Have you been following the Democratic Socialists of America? Come back, Weather Underground, all is forgiven. In the meanwhile there's Beto. He wants to be President of the most powerful country in the world, ever. But he's a furry.

Bombs in the cellar,


Sunday, May 26, 2019

Sabo Sunday

Sorry, I love Sabo a lot. That's just the way it is.

But how could you not? Check out Juicy.

And look at this fine Beto!

Her Majesty the Killer Krone. Remember Benghazi?

Your friend,


Wednesday, May 8, 2019

We Are Underwater Now

Roaring in the heavens, consternation and turbulence on the face of the waters and distress amongst men. It's a lot like the battle of Jutland, but no, this isn't a famous naval engagement, it's just Dallas in the ferocious grip of a Spring storm.

It started around 3.00 am with the crash of thunder and a mighty deluge of rain, shaking the wooden frame of Ma LSP's urban HQ, and it hasn't stopped. Tornadoes are likely, to say nothing of flood damage as God takes just vengeance on the Demoncrats of Winnetka Heights.

Undaunted, I drove to the nearest pick 'n steal for coffee and a scout 'round the neighborhood. Was there a kind of poetry in the sheer number of faux-mex Beto signs being washed away in the flood into the nearest storm drain? Sure there was, and it's gratifying to see the preposterous fake Mexican going the same way as Abortion Barbie. Remember her? No, neither do we.

Regardless, Blue Kriegsmarine isn't fazed by the storm and somehow manages to keep himself from savaging a large plush pug which rests on guard by the fridge in the kitchen. Strange but true.

In other exciting news, the Army cleverly presented the boy to MEPS with incomplete paperwork, so there's a slight delay. He's with a recruiter now, sorting it out.

Swim on,


Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Check Out This Beto

Perhaps the last post was a bit serious, too click on the links and discover the satanic heinousness that is the Belgian church. So here's a Beto infographic via LL to lighten the Lenten load.

And no, Beto's not a faux Mexican sandwich, he's the reincarnation of JFK.



Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Thy Will Be Done

In between cleaning rifles, researching Gobekli Tepe, antedeluvian megaliths, ruins on Mars and the hideous story of modern Belgian Roman Catholicism, I came across this, Alexander Schmemann on the third petition of the Lord's Prayer (Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven):

In reality, however, this is the most difficult petition.
I would have to say that precisely this petition, "Thy will be done" is the ultimate yardstick of faith, the measure by which' one can discern, in oneself first of all, profound from superficial faith, profound religiosity from a false one. Why? Well, because even the most ardent believer all too regularly, if not always, desires, expects, and asks from the God he claims to believe in that God would fulfill precisely his own will and not the will of God.

Precisely his own will and not the will of God, I'd say that was right in the X Ring and close to the heart of the temptations in the wilderness. Satan invites Christ to walk the way of the flesh, of bread, power and egotistical pride rather than the way of the cross and fidelity to the Father's will; he tempts us likewise. Schmemann continues:

"Thy will be done"-but in fact we are thinking: "Our will be done," and thus this third petition of the Lord's Prayer is first of all a kind of judgment on us, a judgment of our faith.
Do we really desire that which is from God? Do we really desire to accept that difficult, exalted, that seemingly impossible demand of the Gospel? And this petition also becomes a kind of verification of our goals and directions in life: what is it that I want, what is it that forms the main and highest value of my life, where is that treasure about which Christ said that where it lies, there our hearts will be also (Mt 6:21)?

I'd say that's a question worth answering, if you can take time off from throwing darts at photos of Beto "Napoleon Dynamite" O'Rourke, and staring in slack-jawed horror at reports of Belgium's pedophile catechism.

God bless,


Sunday, March 17, 2019

Beto For Prez!

He skateboards, wears a frock, was a hacker, played bass or something, thinks he's Kennedy but has gross teeth, married into big money, is a millionaire socialist and thinks we need to tear down the wall because a country having a border is fascist.

Beto wants to lead the world as President of the United States. Does this faux Mexican sandwich know no bounds? Apparently not, such are the wages of cheese, lettuce and tomato in a handy fake bolo.

Still, at least he's a socialist, despite being white and a man, kind of. So what's this celebrity commie's net worth? Only about $9 million as of 2015. 

See, the beauty of socialism is that the really rich people get to run it because they're so wise and know so much more than you. That's why they grow these cool beards.

Let's hope this rich commie jackass runs 2020, alongside every other freak, weirdo and misfit the Democrats are pushing for supreme power of the most powerful country on earth.

I tell you, when the wheels come off it won't look pretty.

Your friend,


Friday, October 12, 2018

I Do Love A Fresh Beto!

It's one of life's simple pleasures, kick back with a cold can of Modelo and a delicious fried cheese beto. Lettuce, tomato, pickles, mustard, mayo and ketchup, all in a bun.


Savor the moment as you bite into your beto, then wash it down with an ice cold beer and let the moment linger. A pricey sandwich at $38 million but worth every penny. 

And no, don't say it comes with F grade circus meat masquerading as BBQ, and that it's really an Irish sub pretending to be from Mexico. Ignore those rumors as just that, rumors. 

Mmmmm. Look at that delicious Beto.

Speaking of which, Ted Cruz has something like a 7 point lead on the faux Mexican, open borders, JFK reincarnate sandwich. Will Beto go the same way as Wendy "Abortion Barbie" Davis and find itself thrown into the electoral deli trashcan of unwanted novelties? Time will tell.

In the meanwhile, experts say that genius superstar MillSoc celebrity, Taylor Swift, is the satanic simulacrum of devil worshipper Anton LaVey's daughter, Zeena Schreck LaVey.

Satanic Clones

Is Taylor, notorious alt right icon, a gene clone of the high priestess of Seth and Soror Sanctissima of the Secret Areopagus?

Devil Twins

Whatever the case, Trump can't stop winning. Do you remember Chrissy Ford and Russian Collusion? No, neither do we.

Out demons out,


Monday, September 24, 2018

Willie Nelson Goes Full Beto Soy

Famed Texas outlaw country superstar, Willie Nelson, dismayed fans by announcing he's rooting for cross dressing, cotton gin chasing, DUI running Beto. 

Look, a Delicious Beto!

And no, Beto isn't just a delicious Mexican cheese sandwich, it's an ambitious Democrat who's fixing to take Ted "He May Be A Fool But He's Our Fool" Cruz's seat in the Senate.

Not content with this shameless, brazen, literal skulduggery, multimillionaire socialist Nelson plans to boost Beto's candidacy with a new tour, The Boys Gone Soy.

Nice Frontrunners, Beto

Waylon Jennings had this to say.

And what can we say? 

Mothers, don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys.

Ride on,


Sunday, August 26, 2018

Fixing Up The Compound

I won't deny it, having a Compound's awesome but here's the thing, if it's made of painted wood it has to be maintained. Otherwise, let implacable logic show, the paint peels off, the wood rots and the whole mighty edifice of the thing falls down.

A Typical Detroit Street Scene

Sure, ruins are nostalgic, melancholy tributes to past greatness and have their value, no doubt about it but you can't live in them. Unless it's Detroit, which is different.

Rig & Porch

With that in mind, we got the place repainted and the job's almost done but there's a glitch. A load bearing beam under the front porch has been eaten away by ants or termites and must be replaced. It's a problem here in Texas.

Nearly There

And it'll take a while because of our crew's work schedule. Well, the beast won't fall down in the next month or so and there it is. An historic Texan home saved from becoming an historic Texas ruin.

Speaking of ruin, there's a lot of yard signs everywhere announcing "Beto." What the devil's a "Beto", some kind of sandwich?

Looking forward to Opening Day,