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Sunday, August 23, 2020

Just Some Lees

Back in the olden days, Great Britain had a firearms industry and produced the redoubtable Lee Enfield. I used to train on them when I was a kid, from about the age of 12 up, and shot alright, "marksman" and all of that.

 1917 my friend

Of course you can't buy them in the UK now because they're far too dangerous, but you can in Texas and I did, some 10 years ago, a No. 4 Mk. 1 from the Gold Nugget pawn. I think it cost around $200 and I've had a lot of fun shooting it, in a nostalgic kind of way. It seems a heavy beast now, though I didn't notice all those years ago.

 note Chesterton's St. Francis, which is awesome

But a #4 wasn't enough, apparently. Suburban Bushwacker persuaded me to go out and get a "project Lee," idea being to turn it into... something. So I did, a 1917 BSA SMLE for 100 bucks at Ray's in Dallas. The metal was painted black, probably due to a parade square refit in the 1950s, the forestock had been chopped, badly, but the serials matched and the bore was bright. So I got the gun.

history in the stamps

Some months later I'd stripped and reblued the metal, along with its cacophany of stampings, neat history if you want to go down the Lee rabbit hole, and replaced the forestock while keeping the butt. Why? Because I liked the Edwardian aesthetics; elegant, though not helpful with optics because the buttstock's too low to achieve cheek weld with a scope. Wasn't designed for it, you see.

Speaking of which, after inletting the receiver/barrel I spent a vast amount of time shaping and polishing the wood (Boyd's walnut -- cheap, semi inlet). No kidding, if you decide to do this be prepared to be patient. It's perhaps worth it because you can create a thing of beauty, a good in itself. But remember, people charge a lot of money for a good wood finish for a very good reason.

Regardless, the rifle's done well enough despite it's, ahem, makeshift scope mount and's shot a bobcat, an auodad(!) and various varmints. No pigs though, annoyingly. I look at it and reflect; over a hundred years old and still going strong, maybe stronger even than it ever was.

 typical trigger scene

Well, you can't have too much of a good thing, so I went out and bought another Lee, an old sporterized #4, with a view to turning it into a scout rifle, Cooper style. And hey, it's got the components, 10 round magazine, bolt action, BUIS, tried and true rugged, etc. 

Have I done anything with it? No, I haven't, shamefacedly. But when I do... it'll be along the lines of shortening the barrel, a new front site, a forward mounted optic and new wood, obviously. I say wood instead of plastic because this is a Lee.

look, put the safety on, so-called "LSP"

And Lees are all about wood and steel.

Shoot straight,


Friday, January 31, 2020


Some said it'd never happen, that the European Union globalist, bankster, New World Order superstate and its bought and paid for elite shills would keep Great Britain under the heel of its rainbow wellie forever. 

Oh look, a racist

It sure seemed that way, with Theresa May and assorted NWO stooges sabotaging Great Britain's biggest ever democratic vote. And in the name of "democracy," all hail doublethink. Then Boris Johnson happened, the Millionaire Socialists got wiped out at the polls and Britain left the God-hating, nation-erasing, banker-enriching, corruption-dealing EU this evening. 

BREXIT Girls Rock

Americans on both sides of the political divide can find this perplexing. On the right of things, we tend to think of the Sceptred Isle as a kind of roll-over-and-die Sweden, a country fast and irretrievably in the grip of replacement strategy multicultural enrichment, and lesbian theatre workshops in Tower Hamlets. On the left, consternation, fear, loathing and gnashing of teeth as England asserts its sovereignty as a nation.

Typical UK Street Scene

So be it. To the Comsymp, pinkoid Left, suck it up and stop pretending that resistance to your corporate sponsored deconstruction of Christian culture is some kind of fascist trick. On the contrary, the reverse applies. And to the right? Don't underestimate the power of hearth, home and the spirit of the British people, to say nothing of our own here in the New World.

Independence Day

BREXIT/MAGA? Howling from the people who support infanticide up to and including the point of birth. Loud cheers from everyone in favor of solidarity and subsidiarity, that nations and their people should be sovereign.

And note this. Remarkable, isn't it, that a populist movement should be, you know, popular. Unlike the BBC. Let's see a landslide MAGA 2020 in the Fall.



Sunday, September 15, 2019

Battle of Britain Interlude

"What was it like?" I asked a man who had lived through the Battle of Britain. I was  maybe nine at the time and my ancient friend, he must've been in his fifties, didn't reply. 

A woman serving tea at London's Imperial War Museum answered for him, "They always want to know," before striding imperiously  into the cockney ether.

Respect to the men who turned the Luftwaffe and prayers for those who gave their lives.

God bless,


Sunday, March 31, 2019

Apropos of Awesome

There he was, on Peshawar's train station pavement, wearing a blazer, straw panama, grey slacks, some sort of dam tie and, to cap it off, an umbrella, furled. Take note, natives, here am I.

And they did, by saluting sharply. The Raj, you see, had returned. Perhaps you think this some kind of made up, ha-ha joke. Think again. No, early 1980s.

Lord Curzon forever,


Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Hadrian IV The English Pope

England, once known as Mary's Dowry for its devotion to Our Lady and catholic spirit, has produced one Pope. Born Nicholas Brakespear, Adrian or Hadrian IV became the Vicar of Christ on December 4th, 1154, so today's his anniversary.

Adrian came from Hertfordshire and entered the religious life in France where he was known as a formidable disciplinarian. I'm no expert, but I reckon the papacy could do with a bit of that right about now.

You can read all about him on the annoying Wikipedia, have a look. Thanks, Mr. Wolf, for the heads up.

Ubi Petrus,


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Ring Of Fire

You may have been following the Russian Collusion probe against against our President, which has so far busted Manafort for 12 year old tax skulduggery and a GIANT RAT for giving money to prostitutes.

That's appalling, you say as you reach for the smelling salts in a shocked fit of Victoriana, all the while wondering where is this Russian Collusion, where's the evidence? 

But don't be dismayed, sit back, take a load off, listen to Ring of Fire and set your mind at rest.

Your Old Friend,


Monday, July 9, 2018

Globalist Puppet Theresa May Tries To Kill Brexit

Two years ago 17.4 million people, more than had ever voted for anything in British history, voted to leave the European Union, to Brexit. They were sick of being governed by an elite cabal of NWO bureaucrats in Brussels and their puppets in Parliament.

Now the UK's Prime Minister, Theresa May, who notoriously opposed Brexit but nonetheless took responsibility for implementing it, has unsurprisingly gutted the deal with a plan that leaves UK producers and farmers bound to Brussels, and Britain part of the EU customs union.

The Spectator branded May's "soft Brexit" as a "grotesque betrayal." Via Breitbart:

This is a betrayal. A grotesque betrayal. It is a haughty rejection, in euphemistic language, of the great cry made by the 17.4m, which was for the recovery of national sovereignty and democratic authority. The electorate said ‘Britain should have control of its borders and laws’, and May says, ‘Actually let’s leave some of that control with Brussels’. This isn’t Soft Brexit; it is Remain by another name.

And from the Sunday Telegraph:

Remember that British Euroscepticism began life as a revolt against petty regulations and controls – and all of those rules governing light bulbs and vacuum cleaners and working hours, however small they might have seemed, were indicative of the EU’s bureaucratic, integrating agenda. How ridiculous then that Britain should leave the EU only to voluntarily tie itself to those same rules. Even worse, we are willingly giving up the right to push through radical free-market or pro-competition reforms by sticking to the EU’s social policies. How can we, as the world’s sixth largest economy, and a major market for the EU, be willing to hobble ourselves in such a way?

May's proposed Brexit that isn't a Brexit caused the resignations of Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, and David DavisBrexit Secretary, prompting speculation that the Prime Minister will face a Tory rebellion and be forced to leave office.

Whether she does or not, a phony Brexit that leaves the UK under the effective sovereignty of the Euro globalists and their British satraps, won't go unnoticed by the millions who voted against it.

Peasants Revolt, anyone?

Rule Britannia,


Thursday, August 3, 2017

Prince Philip Hero Of A Time

Prince Philip, at 96, has retired after a final engagement as Captain General of the Royal Marines. He served with distinction in the Navy during World War Two and retired as a Commander in the early 1950s.

Here's the Old Buccaneer in a Bearskin

Inspecting the troops

Gauging up the Magic Messiah

In a British Warm

Sporting a topper

About to abuse a journalist, and who can blame him?

For me, Prince Philip rises up out of the mist like a man from another age and he is. His generation were raised at a time when Rule Britannia was more than an amusing song in the Albert Hall. The qualities of an Empire were writ large in them.

Indomitable arrogance, perhaps, but lest you forget, how much more preferable than our near-invisible, satanic, transnational elite.

Well done, Prince Philip, you're a hero.


Thursday, July 20, 2017


By 11.30 am I'd driven 100 miles to visit two people, and that's the way it is in a country that's decided to be a road. Still, I'm not complaining, the drive through the Texan countryside was alright, I35 less so, but whatever. 

More importantly, the person I saw in hospital had complained the week before of being "whupped like a dog." She was a whole lot better today and I said, "Your spirit has returned," and so it had. Praise God for that.

Giles Fraser

Back at the Compound I reflected on pastoralia in the missions and what I'd been trained for in England, before the hideous onslaught of womyn priests, trans naming ceremonies and the craven capitulation of Cursitor Doom and associated comshill leftist clergypersons to Islamism. 

Back then it was about walking around the parish, flying the flag and visiting shut-ins who just remembered the last Boer War, well, WWI anyway. "It was all horses and guns, Father," they'd say, cheerily. May they rest in peace and Rule Britannia.

These days it's about climbing into the rig and putting miles on the clock and you know what, it's not time wasted.

God bless,


Monday, February 20, 2017

So What's England Like?

There's a lot to love about England, the pubs, butchers, cheap food, being able to walk around the towns, beautiful countryside and the history of the place. All that and more, such as the greatness of the Victorians who pretty much built, with bricks and mortar, what we see today. 


Go to Trafalgar Square and look out at the buildings and consider the Victorians who built them as they conquered the world. They were giants, obviously, but are today's Britons pygmies? Has the Sceptered Isle that produced Palmerston, Gladstone and Disraeli become a cossetted realm of beta cucks sipping foamy coffee in plush onesies as they cuddle their favourite unicorn?

LSP Goes Postal

I don't think so, go ask your nearest Millwall fan and see how far it gets you. That said, perhaps Great Britain's been co-opted by the Caliphate and you'd be forgiven for thinking that, given London's Muslim Mayor and the Church of England's fondness for the call to prayer. But no, the England I saw wasn't lost in the grip of the global Jihad, thank God. If anything it was overrun by Russians, who are clearly a Putinist 5th Column intent on subverting what was once a great liberal democracy.

So all that's good but is there a downside? Unfortunately there is. England's very regulated. For example, pretty much wherever you go you're being filmed. Driving, shopping, walking around town, whatever, smile, you're on camera. Are there microphones in the hedges? Who knows.

Smile, You're on Camera

Maybe this has something to do with geography and size of the population, some 60 million people crammed into a country the size of a shoe box; without a lot of rules there'd be chaos. Perhaps, but it's a far cry from Britons never, ever, ever shall be slaves. And of course today's Englishman, sorry Englishperson, isn't allowed to defend themselves, that's up to Nanny.

I Love Pubs

America in general and Texas in particular, seems to have a broader horizon. It's less settled, it's much larger, and the frontier isn't that far behind. That lends itself to an expansiveness and sense of opportunity which England doesn't have. And hey, I can go out and buy a Glock and a deadly assault rifle and blaze away without being sent to gaol via CCTV. You can defend yourself here and you can't in England, who's more free?

The French House Flies The Union Jack

Still, there's a greatness to England and maybe that's getting greater now that the country's decided to throw off the dead hand of Brussells and BREXIT. Let's see how that goes. I'm looking forward to a return visit.

Cheers and Rule Britannia,


Friday, June 24, 2016

Rule Britannia!

Remember the old song that says Britons never, ever, ever shall be slaves? Well it seems that that the Britons do, following their decision to walk away from their transnational elite, secular rightleft overlords in Brussels. 

What can we say? Rule Britannia, despite the best efforts of the bankster NWO puppetmasters and their Illuminati stooges in the Boom Town Rats.

Whether millionaire socialist celebrity Bob Geldof's disastrous performance on a boat in the Thames influenced this positive outcome, is presently unclear.

And you'll notice that the progleft shills in the so-called objective press are all saying that democracy's a bad idea.

Right. Who knows, maybe Great Briton will rebuild its Navy.

Carry on,