Monday, July 9, 2018

Globalist Puppet Theresa May Tries To Kill Brexit

Two years ago 17.4 million people, more than had ever voted for anything in British history, voted to leave the European Union, to Brexit. They were sick of being governed by an elite cabal of NWO bureaucrats in Brussels and their puppets in Parliament.

Now the UK's Prime Minister, Theresa May, who notoriously opposed Brexit but nonetheless took responsibility for implementing it, has unsurprisingly gutted the deal with a plan that leaves UK producers and farmers bound to Brussels, and Britain part of the EU customs union.

The Spectator branded May's "soft Brexit" as a "grotesque betrayal." Via Breitbart:

This is a betrayal. A grotesque betrayal. It is a haughty rejection, in euphemistic language, of the great cry made by the 17.4m, which was for the recovery of national sovereignty and democratic authority. The electorate said ‘Britain should have control of its borders and laws’, and May says, ‘Actually let’s leave some of that control with Brussels’. This isn’t Soft Brexit; it is Remain by another name.

And from the Sunday Telegraph:

Remember that British Euroscepticism began life as a revolt against petty regulations and controls – and all of those rules governing light bulbs and vacuum cleaners and working hours, however small they might have seemed, were indicative of the EU’s bureaucratic, integrating agenda. How ridiculous then that Britain should leave the EU only to voluntarily tie itself to those same rules. Even worse, we are willingly giving up the right to push through radical free-market or pro-competition reforms by sticking to the EU’s social policies. How can we, as the world’s sixth largest economy, and a major market for the EU, be willing to hobble ourselves in such a way?

May's proposed Brexit that isn't a Brexit caused the resignations of Boris Johnson, Foreign Secretary, and David DavisBrexit Secretary, prompting speculation that the Prime Minister will face a Tory rebellion and be forced to leave office.

Whether she does or not, a phony Brexit that leaves the UK under the effective sovereignty of the Euro globalists and their British satraps, won't go unnoticed by the millions who voted against it.

Peasants Revolt, anyone?

Rule Britannia,



Anonymous said...

Jacob Rees-Mogg for PM!

LindaG said...

Sounds familiar.
They better speak up quick, or they won't be able to.

Jules said...

I’m totally revolting. Everyone says so.
She needs to go.

Fredd said...

I'll wager that stock prices of pitch forks and torches in the UK are up, as demand soars on this news.

RHT447 said...

If any of them are game to toss tea into the Thames, we could offer some pointers.
Then again, the Muslim invasion may render the whole thing academic.

LSP said...

Brexit seems to lack leadership, Anon... of course there's always "BoJo." I like BJ, btw, we used to enjoy the occasional drink back in the mists of time.

LSP said...


LSP said...

Juliette, you are 100% right.

May is a TRAITOR.

LSP said...

That, Fredd, is a great tip, especially for anywhere North of, say, Gloucester.

LSP said...

Perhaps the UK is waking up, RHT.