Monday, July 16, 2018


Trump meets with Putin in Helsinki and before you can say possessed by Satan, Deep State heads are exploding in tooth-gnashing rage. Traitor is their catchword.

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan pretty much led the charge, tweeting that Trump was "imbecilic" and "treasonous." Treasonous, really? Strange patriotism from the man who voted Communist Party in 1976.

Then there's John McCain, who blasted and roared in multiple salvos of epic fury. "No prior president," bombasted the failed presidential candidate, "has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant." Oh my, Cato redivivus.

But don't forget the slick, elite, lying, pugnacious, venal mainstream media. CNN's thick in the fray, calling for a "shadow government" to rise up against the president, perhaps forgetting that this has been happening since or even before the election. 

Even the, ahem, moral Anderson Cooper called the president's behavior "disgraceful" and John King wasted no time, Trump simply "surrendered" to Russia.

And on and on, you can read all about it on the internet or, if you're unfortunate enough to watch TV, on the Uniparty's agitprop networks. There you'll see it, in all its howling fury. Trump is a TRAITOR. 

Like, how dare you sell out America by saying you'll co-operate with Russia on trade, nuclear non-proliferation, international crime, Islamic terrorism and foreign policy. You imbecile, telling a Russian President that you regard his country as a competitor instead of an enemy. What. A. Traitor.

Leaving aside the risible irony of people who oppose  the idea of America having an enforceable border calling Trump a traitor, imagine the reaction if Obama had said exactly the same thing in Finland. He'd have been lauded as the greatest statesman since World War II, the architect of an historic peace.

But no, this isn't Obama or even Hillary and we have to wonder, what really enrages Trump's enemies about peace with Russia? Good question.

The Military Industrial Complex bottom line, bought and paid for inside-the-Beltway special interests, don't say Browder, demonic possession, leftist nihilism, the enraged cacophany of evil found out?  All that and more, you name it, go right ahead and stick the tail on the wicked donkey. 

Speaking of which, Trump met one-to-one with Putin today and no one else but interpreters were present. Can you imagine, just for a second, Putin handing Trump a large envelope labelled "Clinton."

Hell hath no fury... I'll leave you to fill in the blanks.

Your Old Friend, 



drjim said...

Since what our President is doing is making liberal heads explode at an ever increasing rate, I'm all for it!

Adrienne said...

I saw the Anderson Cooper headline somewhere and my first thought was, "No, Anderson, Trump isn't disgraceful, however a man who allows another man to...fill in the blanks, is disgraceful.

As for the rest of them? A pox on their houses.

LSP said...

They're exploding like the 4th of July, drjim. To Browdlerise Churchill, never in the history of the human race have so many liberal heads been exploded by so few on behalf of so many.

Keep up the good work, DJT.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I don't know about you but I feel there's something repellent about Cooper. A weird mix of spoiled brat meets polished narcissist. Born that way? No. Excuse.

I won't fill in the blanks!

Adrienne said...

Born that way? Not buying that story. Strong crazy mother and father dead when Cooper was about 11 years old, so no father figure. Brother a suicide. Abused a kid? Probably.

LSP said...

It's weird, Adrienne, there seems to be a pattern.