Saturday, July 28, 2018

Archbishop of Canterbury Levitates In Mexico!

A Mexican star gazer, Salvador Guerrero, got more than he bargained for when he climbed onto his roof in Colonia Agricola Oriental for an evening's UFO spotting. 

Looking out over the night sky, Guerrero saw a floating object that defied belief, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Zooming in on the humanoid figure with his video camera, Guerrero witnessed the Archbishop inexplicably hovering in midair.

"The Archbishop had no wings, no parachute, no engine, he just floated, bobbing up and down," stated the shocked UFO spotter, "He was spinning slowly, arms outstretched, then he disappeared behind a house."

The Archbishop's destination is currently unknown.

Ad Astra,



LL said...

That's encouraging. To date it's only been the image of Jesus on a flour tortilla to inspire faith in Mexico. Now we have Justin, head spinning like a demon, levitating outside of Chihuahua. That's important...I guess. I'd personally be more impressed by lesbian dance troupe wearing Hillary MuMu's (with comfortable shoes) going from church to church, performing their interpretive liturgical dance.

But if you want to pack the pews in Mexico, having Stormy show up with her 'show' would fill the place and there's be a lot of (soiled) dollar bills in the bucket. That's progressive religion at its finest. More progressive than Justin, head spinning, over Chihuahua, I hear you ask? Maybe. Stormy will fill the pews faster than Justin will or faster than the traveling lesbians will in Mexico. In Austin, the traveling lesbian troupe might beat out Stormy.

LSP said...

Whoa! That's a lot to conjure with, LL.

Now, I don't discount Mexican miracles, Guadaloupe for example. But I scorn STORMY, surely her husband needs JUSTICE, and I don't like the idea of Hillary in a MuMu waltzing about the country in a lesbian dance troupe. Unsettling.

Maybe a levitating, spinning Justsin is the better of these various evils? Who knows, maybe his Mexican performance will bring in badly needed funds for the progressive project?

We wait, with bated breath.