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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Pentagon UFO Disclosure

The Department of Defense has finally declassified three previously leaked UFO videos taken by US Navy aircrew in 2004 and 2015. Labelled FLIR, GOFAST and GIMBAL, the films show unidentified aerial craft performing maneuvers beyond the capability of known tech. So what are these UAPs (Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon) and why have they been declassified now?

In answer, no one knows, including the airmen who took the video, they're clearly baffled and excited by the strangeness of what they're seeing. But we can speculate: Hi-Tech ET's, space aliens, extra-dimensional beings, ourselves from the future, demons, random ACoC experiments in theology, secret government tech?

In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

Your call, though I gravitate towards secret government tech or ETs. After all, it can't be the Anglican Church of Canada (ACoC) as that left the planet long ago, and if demons they'd surely be more aggressive. Are they us from the future or another dimension/timeline? If so, are they condemned to a continuous temporal loop? Bad place to be, see Many Dimensions

And why official Navy/DOD/Pentagon imprimatur now? There they are, telling us there's unexplained flying objects in the atmosphere and there it is. Fact. What is this, phase one of Full Disclosure?

You be the judge and stay tuned.

Ad Astra,


Friday, October 18, 2019

Feast of St. Luke

You're probably finding it hard to tear your eyes away from the revolt in Spain, Brexit in England and here in the US, the Star Chamber of Secrecy which is working desperately behind closed doors to destroy the President and overthrow an election. 

Why the Star Chamber furore? Because 45's a Ukrainian Crime Lord, apparently, unlike say, the Bidens or Nancy Pelosi's son. All this to say nothing of ongoing unrest in Hong Kong where you'll see more US flags than at any Democrat debate, cubed. Seriously, do these people hate our country?

By way of antidote, reflect on St. Luke, whose Feast is today.  He was a physician, a healer, a close friend and disciple of the great Paul and loved Our Lady. Tradition has it that he drew the first portrait of Mary, making him an artist as well as a doctor. 

Of course physical and spiritual healing go together and we see this outwardly in the life of Luke, to say nothing of inwardly in his Gospel and Acts. It's summed up in the Collect:

ALMIGHTY God, who didst inspire thy servant Saint Luke the Physician, to set forth in the Gospel the love and healing power of thy Son; Manifest in thy Church the like power and love, to the healing of our bodies and our souls; through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Have a blessed Feast and may the powerful intercession of Luke and Our Lady come to our aid.

Love not hate,


Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Democrat Party Run By Satan

Is the Democrat Party possessed and directed by Satan? Duck Commander star Phil Robertson certainly thinks so, telling Brietbart News Daily that the party of failed Candidate Hillary Clinton was run by the "Evil One."

Here at the Compound we believe the Duck Commander's right, consider the evidence.

The Democrat Party is the Party of Lies. For example, claiming that an American ambassador was killed in Benghazi because of a video, or that President Trump is a Kremlin spy. Who is the Father of Lies? Satan.

The Democrat Party is the Party of Abortion, right up to the point of birth and even beyond. Satan, a murderer from the beginning, loves infant sacrifice, see Moloch.

The Democrat Party is the Party of Transsexualism. The demon Baphomet is notoriously trans. The Democrat Party is the Party of Death. Infanticide aside, how big is the Clinton body count? 

The Democrat Party is the Party of Ritual Occult Magic. Remember Spirit Cooking? Sure you do, and the response? An ennui filled "so what?"

And on. No wonder, then, that Satanists and Witches love the Democrats and regularly curse and hex our President. And, as the demons are consumed with insane hatred, so too are the Democrats who shriek, howl, rage and gnash their teeth in a frenzy of hate.

You see, like the infernal legion itself, the Democrats aren't in power. Let's keep it that way and in the meanwhile, watch on as Satan discards its flailing toys.

Your Friend,


Sunday, May 26, 2019

What is Truth?

What is truth, asked the unfortunate Pilate. Prompted by LL's engaging Sunday sermon, I returned to the Angelic Doctor to find out.

Aquinas describes truth in three ways, ontological, moral and logical. You can get a helpful snapshot here, but let's reflect briefly on the logical definition, truth is conformity of mind to thing. When you see an object for what it is, you see it correctly.

Yes it's true, Putin is awesome

For example, your mind  tells you that the US President is a Kremlin spy and that Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, is head of Spectre and Chaos. And all because the NYT, WaPo, Rachel Maddow, CNN and your pet unicorn told you so. 

Truth can be terrifying

Great, only problem being that your ridiculous, childish, risible theory doesn't have any evidence to back it up. It's all in your mind, which is laughably out of synch with reality, and notoriously out of conformity with the thing at hand. It's not true.

Please let this be true

Then, waking up from your emotive but tragically false dreamstate, you see Hillary and realize that the Killer Krone of Benghazi needs to be locked up along with all the other Illuminati, NWO, transnational globalist elite clowns.

Truly pathetic

Congratulations, you've arrived at the truth. Discerning that which is, your mind's in conformity to the thing, the awful thing that is the dismally failed Candidate Clinton.

A Winner and a Loser. Truth

In related news, the BREXIT party's smashed it's uniparty rivals in the European elections, and Marine Le Pen's defeated hated Rothschild puppet, Macron, in France. Salvini's won Italy and Tarcynski Poland, Germany's gone predictably and pathetically green. 

Le Pen truly beats hated Illuminati shill Macron

Is Europe waking up? That remains to be seen.



Saturday, March 23, 2019

Satan Does Not Tolerate Failure

I'd say Tucker pretty much nails it, we've been lied to for a good two years and the lie was as big as it was preposterous, that's right, Trump's a Russian agent in the pay of the Kremlin. 

But why the lie? To cover up Hillary Clinton's massive failure in 2016. How?

1. Undermine his legitimacy before he even takes office.
2. Accuse him of what Hillary actually did: collude with Russians and Ukrainians to effect the outcome of the election.
3. Paralyze Trump on his foreign policy desires to scale back the Empire.
4. Give aid and comfort to hurting progressives and radicalize them further undermining our political system.
5. Polarize the electorate over the false choice of Trump’s guilt.
6. Paralyze the Dept. of Justice and Congress so that they would not uncover the massive corruption in the intelligence agencies in the U.S. and the U.K.
7. Isolate Trump and take away every ally or potential ally he could have by turning them against him through prosecutor overreach.

But the plan didn't work, like Hillary's shot at becoming President it was a monumental failure. There wasn't any Russian collusion, and lo and behold, Trump isn't a Kremlin spy installed in the Oval Office by Putin, Head of Spectre.

That makes two really big, epic failures, 2016 and now this. Think of all the money and vested interests wasted and thwarted by the doubleplusbig loss. Given that Satan doesn't tolerate failure, heads must inevitably roll. The question is, whose?

In the meanwhile, per Tucker, let's see a pardon for Roger Stone.


Sunday, February 17, 2019

People Of The Lie

American Psychologist M. Scott Peck wrote a groundbreaking book in 1983, People of the Lie. In it, he makes the then startling claim that some people are really evil. Not sick in some sad, drug treatable way, but really, really evil.

Yes, they take pleasure in wickedness and are characterized by deceit. They lie about themselves, inventing falsehood to cover up their failings, all to bolster their delusional self-image. 

They will blame anyone but themselves for their errors, their failings, and lash out against those they perceive as weak, easy targets, taking pleasure in the exercise of their power. All the while blaming their faults on scapegoat victims. 

Perhaps you've seen it, someone in the wrong screaming at you in demonic rage as you call out their malfeasance? They think, in their lying, enraged deceit that the sheer fury and serpentine force of their attack will deflect notice away from their evil.

These people are driven by consistent, thoroughgoing narcissism and deliberately, knowingly choose wickedness over good. In the end they believe the lie and live, even here on earth, in Hell. You can see it in their eyes.

Peck detailed this and far more in his '83 book, arriving at the startling conclusion that some people were actually possessed by Satan or lesser demons. 

And now?


Saturday, February 16, 2019

Solar Power

It's freezing here in rural Texas, you can see your breath. Yesterday was different of course, shorts, shirtsleeves, porchlife, then the climate changed.

Yes, we haven't paid the weather tax and now we're suffering the onset of a new ice age. This means at least one thing, we need a limitless supply of energy to keep warm in the frigid blast, but where to get it?

From space, obviously. The time's come to build a solar power plant in geosynchronous orbit to collect the light of the sun and beam it back to Ice Age America. Think of the benefits. 

It's very green, almost inexhaustible, and free from terrorist attack. Not easy for Jihadists from Saudi to creep up into space and smash the solar power cells in a fit of koranic fanaticism. And there's an added bonus.

It can be used as a weapon. For example, Macron, Hillary and the Podestas are leaving an NWO cabal meeting at, say, Bohemian Grove. 

They've just decided to make themselves even richer than they were already by getting rid of borders, because they're so "fascist," all the while convincing everyone that transphobia's the greatest "civil rights issue of our time."

"Hahaha, stupid proles," they think, full of delicious spirit cooking while climbing into the backseat of the Bentley Turbo. Then... Zzzzappp! Sorry guys, the Green Beam gotcha. Win some, lose some.

Well, we live and hope.



Friday, July 27, 2018

Bring The Beat Back

Hillary's back in the press and rockin, in a MuMu.

Nothing quite like a MuMu to whip up the Illuminati base.

Self-justified and ancient, that's our Hill.

Lock her up and just in case you missed it the first time, time is eternal.

Stand by the JAMS,


Monday, July 16, 2018


Trump meets with Putin in Helsinki and before you can say possessed by Satan, Deep State heads are exploding in tooth-gnashing rage. Traitor is their catchword.

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan pretty much led the charge, tweeting that Trump was "imbecilic" and "treasonous." Treasonous, really? Strange patriotism from the man who voted Communist Party in 1976.

Then there's John McCain, who blasted and roared in multiple salvos of epic fury. "No prior president," bombasted the failed presidential candidate, "has ever abased himself more abjectly before a tyrant." Oh my, Cato redivivus.

But don't forget the slick, elite, lying, pugnacious, venal mainstream media. CNN's thick in the fray, calling for a "shadow government" to rise up against the president, perhaps forgetting that this has been happening since or even before the election. 

Even the, ahem, moral Anderson Cooper called the president's behavior "disgraceful" and John King wasted no time, Trump simply "surrendered" to Russia.

And on and on, you can read all about it on the internet or, if you're unfortunate enough to watch TV, on the Uniparty's agitprop networks. There you'll see it, in all its howling fury. Trump is a TRAITOR. 

Like, how dare you sell out America by saying you'll co-operate with Russia on trade, nuclear non-proliferation, international crime, Islamic terrorism and foreign policy. You imbecile, telling a Russian President that you regard his country as a competitor instead of an enemy. What. A. Traitor.

Leaving aside the risible irony of people who oppose  the idea of America having an enforceable border calling Trump a traitor, imagine the reaction if Obama had said exactly the same thing in Finland. He'd have been lauded as the greatest statesman since World War II, the architect of an historic peace.

But no, this isn't Obama or even Hillary and we have to wonder, what really enrages Trump's enemies about peace with Russia? Good question.

The Military Industrial Complex bottom line, bought and paid for inside-the-Beltway special interests, don't say Browder, demonic possession, leftist nihilism, the enraged cacophany of evil found out?  All that and more, you name it, go right ahead and stick the tail on the wicked donkey. 

Speaking of which, Trump met one-to-one with Putin today and no one else but interpreters were present. Can you imagine, just for a second, Putin handing Trump a large envelope labelled "Clinton."

Hell hath no fury... I'll leave you to fill in the blanks.

Your Old Friend, 


Monday, April 16, 2018

Tarmac Deal

Do you remember AG Lorretta Lynch meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac? It was all about golf and grandkids, right?

Nothing to do with Hillary's troublesome email issues or even her election as President. Or Lynch's future position in Hillary's administration.

That would be ridiculous. No upcoming slots on SCOTUS or anything like that. Well, it didn't happen but that doesn't mean we shouldn't...


Trust the Plan? Certainly not Hillary's and is there a video out there via Tor? I wouldn't know.


Monday, March 19, 2018


Hey, this is only a random music blog and we're hoping you'll enjoy Iron Horse's version of Rocketman. Maybe it'll relieve your baffled consternation over McCabe March Madness or wonderment at Mueller's ongoing investigation; it continues, despite no evidence whatsoever that Trump worked with the Russians to defeat Hillary.

Baffling, isn't it. 


Unlike joining the Illuminati, which is simple. Go to Houston's rodeo, thread your way through the crowds, ninja-style, and arrive at the Sling Shot.

Lock Her Up

Then ascend like a master to the heavens and get struck by lightning. Presto, illumination. Use that inner light to lock Hillary up, along with all the rest of her corrupt crew of deep state clowns.

We're working on it.


Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Release The Video

Is it too outlandish, too bizarre to think that top-level members of our ruling elites are part of a satanic pedophile ring? That's exactly what's being claimed by journalist Liza Crokin, who believes the NYPD is in possession of video evidence detailing the pedophile activity.

According to Crokin, the NYPD has video footage showing Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin engaging in sex with an underage girl. 

The video was allegedly discovered on disgraced Democrat underage sexter, Anthony Weiner's laptop and features "high-level political figures doing horrible things to children" and that "when NYPD officers watched them, 'it made grown men cry.'”

The New York Times has run an article warning readers about "fake videos." They care that much? Who knows, maybe the Russians did it. 

In the meanwhile, just in case you think the idea of a ruling elite millionaire pedo ring is somehow conspiracy theory and tinfoil hat, ponder this. Jimmy Savile, Jeffrey Epstein

If there's a video, let's see it.