Saturday, February 16, 2019

Solar Power

It's freezing here in rural Texas, you can see your breath. Yesterday was different of course, shorts, shirtsleeves, porchlife, then the climate changed.

Yes, we haven't paid the weather tax and now we're suffering the onset of a new ice age. This means at least one thing, we need a limitless supply of energy to keep warm in the frigid blast, but where to get it?

From space, obviously. The time's come to build a solar power plant in geosynchronous orbit to collect the light of the sun and beam it back to Ice Age America. Think of the benefits. 

It's very green, almost inexhaustible, and free from terrorist attack. Not easy for Jihadists from Saudi to creep up into space and smash the solar power cells in a fit of koranic fanaticism. And there's an added bonus.

It can be used as a weapon. For example, Macron, Hillary and the Podestas are leaving an NWO cabal meeting at, say, Bohemian Grove. 

They've just decided to make themselves even richer than they were already by getting rid of borders, because they're so "fascist," all the while convincing everyone that transphobia's the greatest "civil rights issue of our time."

"Hahaha, stupid proles," they think, full of delicious spirit cooking while climbing into the backseat of the Bentley Turbo. Then... Zzzzappp! Sorry guys, the Green Beam gotcha. Win some, lose some.

Well, we live and hope.




LL said...

It's some how fitting that the progressives are fried with a green beam, isn't it? The high priests of Baal weren't able to ignite Hillary's campaign were they? But the green beam will ignite them.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Shocking sentiment from a padre unless he has identified Satan's handmaidens.

LindaG said...

Haha. Yes. We only hope.
But I'm supposed to forgive them, right?

Kid said...

Surely their demise would be ruled a suicide eh?

Anonymous said...


Padre,unless you know something I don't, I'm sure our lovely and gracious First Lady is still doing her part to make our country even greater and more loved.
However, somebody isn't doing his part.
When is Melania Monday?

P.S "First Lady only applies after Mary

Dennis the librarian shusher

LSP said...

LL, one beam to rule them all. Yes, a GREEN BEAM, from space. How did the DLC get to orchestrate this? Sometimes irregular is best.

LSP said...

Then we have to take action, WSF. With the Green Beam.

LSP said...

Yes, Linda. We must forgive.

That doesn't mean the beam won't zap 'em.

LSP said...

Kid, we know it's true.