Monday, February 18, 2019


Here at the Compound we're excited to bring you the very latest Jussie Smollett street art, courtesy of Gateway Pundit and the inimitable Sabo

But what's best, Sad Face Klansman or Superhero Prankster? Have a look and see what you think. Here's Sad Face Klansman.

Not bad at all, but maybe you prefer Prankster? Here it is.

Then there's this, Jussie With Coonman. Perhaps it steals the show, just look at all the Oscars!

Sabo is famous for his engaging street art, such as this thought provoking billboard.

So what's it to be. Sad Face Klansman captures the pathos of our tragic hero while Prankster expresses the wily strength and luvvie humor that is the genius of Jussie. Then there's the sheer talent of Jussie With Coonman.

I know, it's not easy, but which one's best? As always, you the reader, be the judge.

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Adrienne said...

Definitely Jussie with Coonman. It's so hilariously un-PC.

Jules said...

Black Prankster! hehehehe!

LSP said...

I thought Prankster was pretty good too, Juliette. But I'm leaning towards Coonman because of the sheer talent of the double act.

LSP said...

I have to agree, Adrienne, Coonman steals the show, imo.