Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Jussie Subpeonaed!

Multiple subpeonas have been issued on Jussie Smollett in an attempt to obtain records concerning  what appear to be several hoax hate crimes, a fraudulent hate letter and the now famous MAGA hat bleach noose lynching.

Juicy's story began to unravel after two Nigerians told Chicago PD that the actor paid them to stage the crime and mailed the bogus hate letter himself.

Juicy is now officially a suspect and detectives are presenting evidence before a Cook County Grand Jury.



The Egyptian said...

HA HA HA HA, I feel so bad for him NOT
After all the Rev not so Sharpton even says he should fess up, talk about pot and kettle

Kid said...

I saw a blurb he even authored and sent himself the 'hate' letter.

Serious Consequences are required here or the left will pummel America with wild abandon as they have been doing.

Thank God that Nick is suing the crap out of WaPo. It is the only way to beat them back from the ramparts.

Not enough people are smart enough to figure any of this crap out and vote accordingly with simple "information".

LSP said...

Egyptian, all he had to do was be a luvvie activist and rake in the rainbow socialist millions, but Juicy wanted more. Much more.

LSP said...

Kid, I totally agree. A few multi million dollar hots in the purse might knock 'em back and it's well deserved.

In the meanwhile, yet another hate hoax. Juicy really goofed, let's see what's on the phone records. Kamala Harris?

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Don't worry. Jussie's career, if anything, will be better after this. He now is an official martyr to the white man. Hollywood loves martyrs. (As long as they aren't Christian that is.)

LSP said...

But Infidel, Trump did it.

The defense rests, your Honor.