Tuesday, February 19, 2019

No Shoot

Like all good plans, this one was simple. Walk the dog to the Pick 'n Steal, get some coffee, say Morning Prayer, take care of immediate business and then go for a shoot.


What an excellent plan, right? And practical too, involving zeroing in a  triad of deadly assault rifles, 5.56 and 7.62. Make sure the blasters were still working, sort of thing, and then relax off with a bit of plinking against targets of opportunity; soda cans, steel plates, shotgun shells, kettles, cell phones, whatever.

Typical Clovis Points

But no. It started to rain, thunder rolled and crashed across the sky and a vengeful, biting wind cut across the Compound like the harbinger of a new Ice Age. I tell you, it's like the Younger Dryas extinction event here in the Central Zone.

Look, a Dog on a Rug

So no shoot and that's fine by Blue Somnolent but frustrating for me. Still, it's not all bad, check out this uplifting new infovideo from Carpe Doncton.


What excellent art!

Gun rights,



LindaG said...

Sorry you didn't get your shooting in, but glad you are warm and dry.

Brig said...

Dang Padre, that is too bad. Been so long since I've been able to find a shoot'n place I plum forgot the combination on one of the shoot'n bags.
When it isn't raining here it's snowing.
Saw a strange round orange thing in the sky yesterday, but it was gone before I could do a positive ID.

LL said...

If you don't hone your skills, your shooting eye will atrophy.

The old Blue Gentleman is blind and deaf so he is content to rest his bones there in the warmth of the compound, and make a run to the food bowl when he awakens. Sic transit gloria mundi - we're all headed in his direction. It's tough to fight entropy.

Meanwhile the enemy plots and we must be prepared.