Monday, February 18, 2019

Lies Lies Lies

Evil's characterized by deceit; as the Good Book reminds us, Satan's the "Father of Lies." With that in mind, did some higher power convince the infamous luvvie, Jussie Smollett, to lie and cry about being attacked by MAGA supporters?

Was it merely lust for money, fame and socialist celebrity fortune that drove Smollett to allegedly pay two Nigerians $4000 to stage a fake hate crime, or did someone put Jussie up to it? One black nationalist seems to think so, and who knows, maybe the Empire star was the willing dupe stooge of a sinister Democrat plot.

Speaking of dupe stooge, millionaire socialists flocked to Jussie's laughably unbelievable cause, Cher, Alyssa Milano, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, to name just a few. They apparently believed the lie.

And so perhaps does Jussie, who vehemently denies paying his Nigerian body building friends to play the part of  Chicago's, ahem, two hate-filled Trump supporters. Have you noticed how liars often end up believing their lies? Curious but true. To return to the question.

Did Jussie cook it all up on his own or was he acting to the beat of someone else's drum? As we ponder this weighty possibility and the chain of cause and effect which leads back to the ancient serpent himself, ask yourself this. Why does the left keep manufacturing hate crimes? 

Surely not because they're peddling a lie.




Adrienne said...

You're on a roll. I can hardly keep up with your posts.

The poofter was acting on his own (IMO) If he was being directed by an unseen puppet master don't you think they would have done a better job of it?

What I've wondered from the beginning is why there is not outrage over a TV show having to hire Nigerians. Are there no well built black folk in the U.S.?

If you didn't have a chance to watch Trump's speech today to the Venezuelan community in Florida today it's a must see. I'm sure it's posted already even though he just finished. It actually brought tears to both my eyes and those of my hubby.


Adrienne said...

Here ya go:

Trump starts at about 13:00. BONUS: Melania opens for him!

Kid said...

Libtards believe anything that fits their narrative until you waterboard them with the truth.

It would not shock me to find the DNC behind this. It's their go to play day after day after day because they know their supporters would rather have their head chopped off rather than have someone call them racist or phobic or accuse them of not liking someone.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I got badly sidetracked by Jussie's luvvie nonsense and Sabo's excellent street art. Now that excitement's over I'll turn to something more, ahem, substantial.

Thanks for the link!

LSP said...

Kid, we know Jussie's in with the DNC so it's possible. Tariq seems to think it was a Kamala/Cory stageshow to boost the lynching act and broker in gayness as a federally recognized oppressed minority -- thus hijacking the black nationalist etc movement.

Dunno about that but a video (didn't get one Jussie, BAD FAIL) of the poor minority gay luvvie being beaten by masked MAGA hate criminals would've done wonders for the DNC PR machine.

Personally, I think he probably cooked the thing up over a few "body building" episodes with the added intensity of luv drugs. Picture the dusty mirror, the rolled up Benjamin, a couple of Nigerians, a handful of pills and... a PLAN.

Of course it all made sense at the time.

The Egyptian said...

And now I just read that the reverend Not So Sharpton has cautioned on the side of disbelief, MY White Ass, does the Tawana Brawly ring a bell, the race baiter ought to know this one smells

LSP said...

I saw that, Egyptian. Jussie's in trouble when even the, ahem, incorruptible Sharpton walks away.