Thursday, February 28, 2019

Trannies Scorn Trudeau

International relations experts ran the numbers and came up with a startling conclusion, Canada's gone gay but trannies scorn its Premiere, Justine Trudeau.

Once known as a frontier spirit, strength in adversity, pioneer courage country, Canada's now famous for riding the rainbow and stroking the unicorn.

Happy times for the multi-hued Maple Leaf state, but not so much for the trannies who despise its rainbow Prime Minister. 

"So long, so log cabin," said one angry cross-dresser, noting Trudeau's reputation for novelty gay socks, being a beta cuck, and a bully.

Justine Trudeau's rainbow administration of NWO Illuminati gayness is mired in allegations of fraud, corruption, skulduggery and malfeasance, leading patriotic Canadians and transsexuals to call for his resignation as the country's leaderene.

Over the rainbow? 

Good luck, Canada,



LL said...

I wonder how the Canadians could elect Trudeau.

He's a lot like Barack and I have no idea how the US could return him to office, so it's not as though our judgment as a nation is every bit as suspect as the Canadians'.

That the Tranny movement would turn on their champion is like biting the hand that feeds them. Or is it that Trudeau isn't homosexual enough?

Adrienne said...

Turd-eau makes my flesh creep. He loves to swan about and do the open wide mouth screechy thing. I hate it when women do it, but for a guy it's just disgusting.

And then there's this:

Jim said...

I feel sorry for the sensible Canucks. I know a few and they're good people. Unfortunately over half the population seems to be concentrated in the 10 largest cities and that's who gets to run the country.

Kid said...

I also call him Justine. How'd ya like to play with either of those two critters....

Read through an article yesterday about how gays don't care for trannies. Didn't bother getting to the in depth analysis portion.

LSP said...

LL, I see Trudeau as a kind of Canadian Macron but with gayer socks and a younger wife. Maybe the trannies see him as some kind of fraud?

LSP said...

I just looked at the link, Adrienne. Good work, Ontario, you've obviously been driven collectively insane by Satan.

Then there's Trudeau's open mouth campy screechy stunt. I scorn that.

LSP said...

Good point, Jim. Lots of good Canadians but even Alberta voted in the libs; Calgary, last I heard, has a gay Muslim Mayor. Ontario's sunk, of course, by Toronto.

Toronto thinks it's this great cosmopolitan city but it's just this big Canadian town in Ontario, which has gone gay.

So much for Vimy Ridge.

LSP said...

They're not necessarily allies, Kid, apparently. Then there's Trudeau's new pals, Justine might want to be careful there...