Monday, February 25, 2019

Illuminati Elite Wreck Monday Fishing

Lake Whitney dam's a pretty good place to fish, unless our elite Illuminati overlords steal all the fish, like they did today.

The sun was shining, it wasn't too hot, it wasn't too cold, and the air smelled of spring and new life as the mighty Brazos stretched out into the distance, towards Waco and beyond. Beautiful, no doubt about it, but where were the fish?

Normally you can see them gliding about like submarines; not today, not a fish in sight. I cast off into the pool regardless, which had obviously suffered from some kind of failed green new deal, and guess what? Nothing.

A Typical Illuminati

No bass, no perch, no drum, no catfish, not even a gar. Nothing. They'd obviously been shipped off to China by Illuminati globalists, like all the rest of our assets. Thanks a lot, New World Order.

I reflected on the iniquity of it all in the cab of the rig and ate a fried cherry pie. It was delicious, that part of the mission was a triumph.

With this in mind, you better put the fish back, Illuminati tyrants and globalist stooge dupes of the NWO, or there'll be trouble.

Big time,



Kid said...

Those were all Farting Fish LSP ! AOC has had them shipped over to China, where she believes massive pollution there has no effect on the global warming apocalypse world wide.

LSP said...

I was thinking exactly that, Kid. But remember, Chinese pollution isn't bad, unlike Western Imperialist Oppressor pollution. So their quotas are different.

Kid said...

I'm knows it LSP.

LL said...

The fish may have been scooped up and turned into Soylent Blue - a forerunner of Soylent Green.

Of course it's an NWO plot. Eat your delicious fried cherry pie while you still can. Soon they will be gone because it takes butter to make that flakey crust and butter comes from cows and there will be bovine genocide for twelve years until we all die.

LindaG said...

I would have guessed weather related. But that's because I am not good at jokes. :)

I haven't researched it completely; but there are a lot of products out now that don't use real milk. Because of all the people who are lactose intolerant - undoubtedly caused by cows fed nothing but GMO grain.
Maybe they'll come up with some sort of vegan pie crust substitute...

Or we could go back to lard like our grandparents used. Pigs don't fart, do they? ;-)