Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Return Of Moloch

There is deep evil in this, a satanic revolt, at heart, against God and Man and abortion is its sacrament, the anti-sacrament of an idolatrous anti-god, the Devil. It is the outward expression of an inward and spiritual rebellion against all that’s good and true, a mother’s love for her child, our meaning and fulfillment as a community of persons, against God himself.

You can read the whole thing and more besides here, then again, you might be more interested in Katy Perry's remarkably racist shoes.

Social justice sleuths discovered the smash hit star's line of blackface footwear and reported the jarringly unattractive shoes to authorities as a hate crime. The superstar pop icon subsequently removed her hideously ugly shoes from Walmart and Dillard's.

Appalling by any standard

The racist shoe scandal follows hot on the heels of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam appearing in a school yearbook photo, wearing blackface and appalling plaid trousers.

Millionaire Socialist Katy Perry's net worth is estimated at $280 million. She actively supports Moloch.



Mike_C said...

Just you watch. All those hideous shoes will be donated to some pesthole. And they'll most likely end up in Africa with all the other unwanted clothing, such as T-shirts commemorating the non-win of the losing Superbowl team. (pardon me while I have a good cackle at this)

Seriously. If the Central City Felons play the Gotham Dog Fighters in the Superbowl they of course print up commemorative "Champions" shirts for each side. If Gotham turns out to be the, er, top dog then what to do with the Felons shirts? That's right, they get sent to some third world pesthole for the tax writeoff. I seem to recall WeaponsMan noting that collecting such dumped T-shirts was a popular hobby among members of one of the Special Forces groups.

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Governor Coonman will survive and come out smelling like roses. All he has to do is play to the intersectional crowd and assume the MSM will cover for him.

And on the plus side he does favor killing children. What the Eucharist is to Catholics abortion is to Democrats: The fount of their overflowing power.

Nothing to see here people. Move along.

LSP said...

Mike C, you make an excellent point. Picture all those lucky kids in, say, Rwanda or Zimbabwe running around in Katy's pumps.

LSP said...

Infidel, looks like Coonman's been forgotten. The Party doesn't have control of the press or anything like that, obviously.