Thursday, February 21, 2019

Thursday Roundup

It's Thursday and the Feast of St. Peter Damian, so what better time for a news roundup. First things first, Jussie Smollett, popularly known as "Juicy" got himself arrested for a nationally televised MAGA hat, hate hoax, bleach noose lynching. 

One of Juicy's better stunts involved writing a check, yes, a CHECK, to his fake MAGA hoax assailants, for $3.5k. Chicago PD's not too pleased and you can watch their reaction above.

In other news, a Coast Guard nut wanted to kill everyone but got caught, thus preventing a false flag detraction from Juicy's interesting story and the rumors of Deep State Mueller's Russian Collusion investigation coming to an end next week. 

With no, ahem, evidence whatsoever of Russian collusion between Trump and the Kremlin. Libs are prepping the field in advance of massive disappointment.  Witch hunt? Surely not.

Speaking of witch, Gateway Pundit's headlining an interesting story on Clinton corruption, you can read part of it here. Hillary, of course, hasn't been locked up yet, unlike Roger Stone who isn't allowed to say anything anymore after he troll posted on Instagram.

Stone was raided at 5 am and dragged out of his house to jail for opposing the Deep State, but Juicy wasn't. Was that because Juicy was part of the DS narrative, unlike Stone? Whatever, Juicy still has its job at Fox whereas the repellent Roseanne Barr was fired for a tweet. Sic transit.

Then there's ISIS brides. They're having buyers remorse and want to return home so that they can have their babies in a world of electricity and running water. Charity notwithstanding, nein danke.

St. Peter Damian was famous for the rigor of his asceticism and reforming the many sins of the 11th century church. This apparently included abuse of minors. Familiar? In the meanwhile, we have to ask.

C'mon, Juicy, why'd you write a checkWatch this, good work Jericho Green.

And in case you're wondering, Yellowstone continues to cook off.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

"Juicy" is an overachiever. Has raised his profile to international levels. Of course, there is the pesky Chicago Police Department problem. Oh well.

LL said...

That's a comprehensive view of the modern world. With one exception. On her blog, Juliette is espousing the consumption of margaritas. Oh, it's fine to drink a margarita if you're a Mexican, but Juliette is less a Mexican than Elizabeth is an Indian. It's cultural appropriation on a grand scale and its...well, it's a SCANDAL. The next thing you know, Jules will be culturally appropriating a French person and drinking wine. Last I heard, there were no respectable vineyards in England.

Ok, and moving on with my incisive reply, I'm still snowed out of the White Wolf Mine. All roads leading there from any direction you may choose has been closed. Yes, I could snowshoe in or possibly obtain a dog sled (with dogs) to mush my way into the arctic wastes of ARIZONA. I may need to consider that with the coming Ice Age and all. So how can I concern myself with the now famous homosexual, Juicy, and his Nigerian boy toys?

Kid said...

Well, given your content on this one I must say:

- Juicy was allowed to show up at the police station when he damn well felt like it while Roger Stone and family got raided by many armed FBI CSers with guns in the middle of the night. Don't seem right.

And there is a youtube easily found where Charles Barkley takes down juicy in humorous fashion.

Ok, Here it is

LSP said...

WSF, Juicy wanted more, far more. And then there's the awkward bit about his family ties to his relation Kamala Harris.

Will Juicy survive the way to day in court?

LSP said...

Still snowed out? LL, you need more and better servants (HQ Battalion?) to clear the roads and get the convoy moving again. Of course a dog sled would be dramatic and act as a needed wake up call to the boys who are doubtless kicking back while the Guvnor's off base. I'd lend Blue Panzer Faust but I doubt he'd be much help!

And yes, I see Juliette's deep in the throes of cultural appropriation and busy drinking all the margaritas on the island. I've warned her. Next stop's OLD RAJ gin and a visit from the thought police.

LSP said...

Kid, not right at all. The whole thing's a dam circus, but good world, Barkley. Did you watch Jericho? I'd say he's value.

Kid said...

Jericho? I did not.

LSP said...

Kid -- worth it!


Kid said...

Juicy as Sheriff Bart