Tuesday, February 12, 2019


Behold your GOD EMPEROR. "I can even see a laurel crown, resembling Rome's own Caesar."

Not my president?  Think again, commie.

Italy gets it.



LL said...

Italy would be a lot better off if they had Trump. But we can't give him up to the Eye-Ties. NO we can not.

Kid said...

I read the other day that more countries are poised to elect populist/nationalist/non-globalist leaders and that this makes Soros puke about every hour on the hour.

I enjoyed reading that.

Kid said...

LL, Their guy now isn't too dang bad. Turning all the migrants, Er I mean Vermin away from Italy's ports.

LSP said...

Yes, LL.

They CANNOT have him.

Build the Wall.

LSP said...

Kid, looks like the Macron/Merkel axis of bankster love is starting to fray.

Jules said...

I think this could replace Big Tex!