Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentines Day Round Up

Happy Valentines Day from this small slice of rural Texan paradise, and what a day it's been! 

Don't Cry Luvvie

Hate hoaxer luvvie Jussie Smollet's been found out, allegedly, as just that, a hate hoaxer. Why? Because his character was being written out of the smash hit series Empire. Have you ever even watched Empire? No, neither have I. Two Nigerians are reportedly under investigation.


Then there's the Wall, which everyone loves, unless you're a virtue signalling, vote hungry Democrat. Evidently the God Emperor's going to sign a pathetically funded congressional spending bill, then declare a national emergency and build the Wall. 

Pelosi doesn't like this idea, predictably. But question, how much have lawmakers been paid to oppose the Wall? I mean, it's ridiculous to think that US congresspersons would have anything whatsoever to do with the Cartel millions, especially if they're socialists, right?

Demented Millionaire Socialist

Speaking of Democrats, Amazon's pulled plans to build a New York HQ thanks to protests from Ocasio Ten Mill Cortez and other progressively wealthy socialists. It's OK for her, she has a job and a Netflix deal, not so much the 25,000 people who would've been employed by the repellent Bezos.

Who knows, maybe Amazon will relocate to Dallas like everyone else. In the meanwhile, Poor Little Angel McCabe gave an interview on 60 Minutes, describing yet another aspect of the slow-mo coup against Trump. 

Look, it's Weezer! Just kiddin'. Poor Little Angel and his buddy Rod

Little Angel told the world that he authorized an investigation into Trump's "obstruction of justice" and nefarious dealings with the Russians after the God Emperor fired Lyin' Comey, despite no evidence whatsoever. 

Lindsey Graham's calling for Little Angel to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Trump blasted the Angel, Comey, Rosenstein gang on Twitter, and fair play to him. Good luck, lock 'em up.

In other news, Melania looked great in pink today and a Russian town's overrun by bears.




Well Seasoned Fool said...

Bottom picture, the Marine on the left, needs to get squared away IMO. Maybe he has some physical impairment that prevents his arm from being 90° to his torso. Yeah WSO, your point is frivolous.

LSP said...

Modesty appreciated but I'll send your observation to RHSM (Regimental Horse Sergeant Major) LL and get it sorted out. After all, we expect good turn-out for the First Lady.

Jules said...

What's really important here, LSP, is the bottom of Melania's shoes. Red. I like this attention to detail.

Always On Watch said...

Is AOC on drugs???

LindaG said...

I am glad Trump is going to sign this, even if it sucks lemons. The republicans had 2 years to get the funding done, and they didn't.

Then the government shutdown punished the wrong people. Congress should not be getting paid for doing nothing. But not only can they give themselves raises, they are the only ones who can put a hold or stop on their pay!

Just really sucks lemons all around.

Melania always knocks it out of the ballpark. :)

LL said...

Good summary, LSP.

Stick with what is important follow the story, follow the money, follow the lies. That's what investigators do and it's what the FBI is incapable of doing.

LL said...

The two white attackers, who are Nigerians are brothers. They are extras on Empire. AND they are Smollett's friends. Smollett follows them on Instagram. Smollett works out with them at the gym. Smollett may have had homosexual relations with them in a threesome. Another negro hoax designed to fuel race hatred and make the "victim" appear sympathetic.

Typical prog behavior.

The Egyptian said...

as an old farm boy, we used to call someone with a mouth like that as horse faced, someone stick a bale of hay in that hole

LSP said...

Juliette, I'm no expert but Louboutin?

LSP said...

That, AOW, is an excellent question and we have to wonder. I vote... yes.

LSP said...

Linda, trust the plan!

Melania did look good, have to say. Mind you, she always does.

LSP said...

Thanks, LL. And what a bank account full of lies we've been dealing with in the last few years. It's almost as though they never though Hillary would...