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Monday, February 18, 2019


Here at the Compound we're excited to bring you the very latest Jussie Smollett street art, courtesy of Gateway Pundit and the inimitable Sabo

But what's best, Sad Face Klansman or Superhero Prankster? Have a look and see what you think. Here's Sad Face Klansman.

Not bad at all, but maybe you prefer Prankster? Here it is.

Then there's this, Jussie With Coonman. Perhaps it steals the show, just look at all the Oscars!

Sabo is famous for his engaging street art, such as this thought provoking billboard.

So what's it to be. Sad Face Klansman captures the pathos of our tragic hero while Prankster expresses the wily strength and luvvie humor that is the genius of Jussie. Then there's the sheer talent of Jussie With Coonman.

I know, it's not easy, but which one's best? As always, you the reader, be the judge.

Your Friend,


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Valentines Day Round Up

Happy Valentines Day from this small slice of rural Texan paradise, and what a day it's been! 

Don't Cry Luvvie

Hate hoaxer luvvie Jussie Smollet's been found out, allegedly, as just that, a hate hoaxer. Why? Because his character was being written out of the smash hit series Empire. Have you ever even watched Empire? No, neither have I. Two Nigerians are reportedly under investigation.


Then there's the Wall, which everyone loves, unless you're a virtue signalling, vote hungry Democrat. Evidently the God Emperor's going to sign a pathetically funded congressional spending bill, then declare a national emergency and build the Wall. 

Pelosi doesn't like this idea, predictably. But question, how much have lawmakers been paid to oppose the Wall? I mean, it's ridiculous to think that US congresspersons would have anything whatsoever to do with the Cartel millions, especially if they're socialists, right?

Demented Millionaire Socialist

Speaking of Democrats, Amazon's pulled plans to build a New York HQ thanks to protests from Ocasio Ten Mill Cortez and other progressively wealthy socialists. It's OK for her, she has a job and a Netflix deal, not so much the 25,000 people who would've been employed by the repellent Bezos.

Who knows, maybe Amazon will relocate to Dallas like everyone else. In the meanwhile, Poor Little Angel McCabe gave an interview on 60 Minutes, describing yet another aspect of the slow-mo coup against Trump. 

Look, it's Weezer! Just kiddin'. Poor Little Angel and his buddy Rod

Little Angel told the world that he authorized an investigation into Trump's "obstruction of justice" and nefarious dealings with the Russians after the God Emperor fired Lyin' Comey, despite no evidence whatsoever. 

Lindsey Graham's calling for Little Angel to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Trump blasted the Angel, Comey, Rosenstein gang on Twitter, and fair play to him. Good luck, lock 'em up.

In other news, Melania looked great in pink today and a Russian town's overrun by bears.