Tuesday, February 5, 2019

SOTU Country Interlude

Not so long ago, a man went down the road to bring peaches to a woman friend while another man crouched, hiding behind a bush. He had been warned that morning against taking matters further, but to no avail, the warning meant little to him.

His pistol exploded in the night and the rounds struck home.

"Don't shoot me no more! I'm done to die."

He did, but not before another man emerged on the porch.

"You shoot him one more time, I'll blow your head off."

And there it is, a short episode in the ongoing story of country life in Texas. Speaking of which, how'd you like the long delayed SOTU? I enjoyed America will never be a socialist country, but that's just me.

Sunny Hello,



Adrienne said...

I enjoyed the entire 100% factual speech.

One thought popped into my head while perusing the chamber with a gazillion women on the dem side and way fewer on the repub side. "Ah ha", saith I to my secret self, "There's the problem with the dems. All those women."

I keep an eye out for any guy bringing me peaches.

LL said...

The SOTU was everything that the Democrats hated. MAGA and a reaffirmation that we won't be a socialist nation. And when President Trump reminded them that we would have been in a war on the Korean Peninsula but for him, I thought that Nancy Pelosi was going to swallow her dentures. He's right, of course.

That's the thing that the Dems hate most about Trump. He's right.

Jules said...


Old NFO said...

Even the fact checks had to admit he was mostly right... sigh... He did a good job, all things considered. And Pelosi needs to get her dentures fixed.

LSP said...

True story, Juliette, word for word. #CatDemon

LSP said...

LL, I thought he beat them like a drum. Good work, POTUS.

LSP said...

I have to agree, Adrienne, and I thought EXACTLY the same thing. It's become beyond ridiculous.

True peach story, btw.

LSP said...

NFO, I feel the whole thing's a circus and a bad one at that.