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Tuesday, July 30, 2019

LSP - All Talk No Action?

So Where's The Action Buddy?

Yeah, so what about the new rig and the lever gun, so-called "LSP," if that's your real name, which we doubt. 

Good question, and right about now the readers of this popular if lighthearted mind blog are wondering if it's all talk and no action. Sure, you talk the talk, "LSP," but where's the walk?

Where's the fishing, the guns, the horses, where's all of that? Where's the country life we don't pay good money to see played out in real time, straight from a rural haven deep in the heart of Texas? Where is it? I'll tell you.

Shaolin Glory Brexit

First off, unexpected evolution with a returning son; there goes the rig and the gun. Secondly, recovering from being kicked off the back of an Arab, who btw self-identifies as a woman, and being tended to by a dog and a recruit. 

Will the leg heal in time to see the kid off to Basic? To find out I hopped and climbed into the rig and drove to Walmart. Guess what? No problem, couldn't have done it a week ago. So there is movement and this, philosophers, signifies life. Which in this instance is made up of small triumphs.

In other news, the European Union's setting up an Army! The world trembles at the dread step of the rainbow phalanx. Who knows, perhaps the enemy'll die laughing.

Advance to contact,


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

SOTU Country Interlude

Not so long ago, a man went down the road to bring peaches to a woman friend while another man crouched, hiding behind a bush. He had been warned that morning against taking matters further, but to no avail, the warning meant little to him.

His pistol exploded in the night and the rounds struck home.

"Don't shoot me no more! I'm done to die."

He did, but not before another man emerged on the porch.

"You shoot him one more time, I'll blow your head off."

And there it is, a short episode in the ongoing story of country life in Texas. Speaking of which, how'd you like the long delayed SOTU? I enjoyed America will never be a socialist country, but that's just me.

Sunny Hello,


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Light

A good armed stroll about the countryside but my shooting was pretty desultory; still, it was good to pull the trigger and hear the shotgun do its thing. The cows, Polled Herefords, seemed mostly oblivious.

After visiting with parishioners I got on the dirt road and headed for home. By the time I got to asphalt the sun was huge and seemed to fill everything with a fiery golden mist. So I put the LSP Technical on autopilot and took a picture, which doesn't do the thing justice but gives a glimmer.

I tell you, it was hard to see - very "Golden Void" and "Warrior on the Edge of Time." Certainly made up for sub par shooting.

I understand that The Sun has come out against the Labour Party. Go figure.

Space is Deep,