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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Everything About This is Awesome


My brother, taking a break from Wales.

Destroy the leftist serpent, crush it underheel.

Gun rights,


Thursday, September 3, 2020


Thunder rolled across the sky like the opening barrage on the Kursk salient as lightning cracked and exploded, shaking the Compound's ancient timbers with primal sound and fury. Then it began to rain.

A typical Aberystwyth Street Scene

No, not Aberystwyth or Oxford drizzle, but real rain, big rain, Texan rain. And with it the temperature plummeted from high 90s to low 70s in a matter of minutes. Lone cowboys caught in the open froze instantly, "snuff" still their mouths, half drunk cans of Coors Lite turned to ice.

Well look at that, it's Oxford and it's raining

The storm's subsided now and this small rural farming community rejoices in the newfound cool of the morning. Thank you, God, for sending us rain and a respite from living in an oven. And yes, it may be a small victory in our bitter war against The Weather, but every advance counts.

From the Front,


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Buckle Up

Hope you're all prepped up and ready to "bug-in" or go "innawoods" because it's staring to get nasty, in a small way. 

People are getting robbed of their TP in parking lots in Washington state and the UK, so WA shoppers are going armed to the supermarket. UK people aren't because they're not allowed to defend themselves. Find the cost of freedom, eh?

Here in Hill County Texas, a big fight broke out at Walmart as pastoral people set to scrapping over frozen pizzas, bottled water and Ramen noodles. I missed the fight, annoyingly, but you could see the tension building before Noon.

Over in Aberystwyth the shelves were bare of pasta, "Andrex," and assorted everything else. Calgary, as of today, had run out of milk.

Message to market? Bring the supply chain home. Have a month's supply of food so you don't have to get into a fight at Walmart. Don't hoard loo-roll, the Bat Bug isn't dysentery. Don't hoard water, the Kung Flu isn't Cholera. And on. 

Above all, STAND STEADY. You're no use to man nor beast if you don't. Go armed to Walmart if you aren't already. And on a spiritual note, pray for our country tomorrow, it's a National Day of Prayer. Do not ever downplay the efficacy of that.

God bless,


Sunday, March 8, 2020

Defend The Greek Border Remove Kebab

Have you heard? Greece is under attack from Turkey which is sending tens of thousands to the Greek border as an invasion force. Greece is saying no, understandably, they don't want to become part of Erdogan's Caliphate.

Remove Kebab

But the Sultan's reckoning on the degenerate, cowardly, unable to fight back nature of the West. Hitler did the same thing, as did the Japanese. Do not mistake forbearance for weakness

Erdogan, you are on notice, it'll get visceral when we go after you. Remember Saddam, you fool.

Remove Kebab,


Saturday, March 7, 2020

Virus Panic Hits Aberystwyth

Sources on the ground in Aberystwyth, a thriving fishing community on the far west coast of Wales, have reported runs on local supermarkets as panic-stricken Welshpersons buy up rice, loo roll and pasta.

"It's weird," stated a local resident on conditions of anonymity, "It's like they think all this Andrex and Vermicelli is going to save them from an escaped ChiCom bioweapon. Hope they boil the rice before they eat it."

So far, Aberytwyth hasn't been quarantined, unlike Milan, which is a different city entirely. Here's a rate of infection graph from Northern Italy. Nothing to worry about, obviously.

Over 1000 people in the Milan area were reported infected by Covid-19 overnight bringing the total to 5,883 as of this morning. Over 230 people have died, do the math.

Good thing China gave us accurate figures, right?



Friday, November 22, 2019

Texas Street Walker

The climate changed, yet again, from a balmy Springlike 70 something to freezing wind and rain. It was like being in Aberystwyth instead of Texas, but you know what they say, adopt, adapt, survive. 

That in mind, I pulled on a pair of sturdy G.H. Bass brogues, an Arctic Hardware fleece and a Barbour jacket, maybe label shock alone would scare our enemy the weather into submission, and ventured forth.

I walked past the Methshack, which is suffering because half of the shackers have been evicted. There it was, sitting in the rain behind a semi-urban field which no one's inclined to buy. Who knows, maybe they're waiting for the shack to be cleared before purchasing land to build on and sell.

The Yellow House wasn't looking too good either. It's famous for something, was reinvented as a bed and breakfast, which didn't work, then re-inhabited by crackheads. A friend tried to buy it last year but the deal went south because of craziness. I always ask myself, why would you paint your house yellow? 

Then it was a short patrol through welfare, several shacks, a pleasantly unpaved vista and on to Montes for a late breakfast. Montes is alright and's upped its game lately, with new menus, suspiciously attentive waitresses and an extra dollar on every meal.

I ordered Huevos Rancheros, which was delicious and filling, and pondered their choice of music. Relaxed New Country as opposed to Mexican House/Techno. Curious, they're obviously trying to appeal to someone and sure enough, there were a couple of cowboys getting into the spirit of the thing.

New Country aside, the Fossil Museum was worth a look in and they seem to be getting actual, literal fossils to display to the public. Well done. It used to be a place where someone from the Metrosprawl kept his collection of vintage Cadillacs, and before that the HQ of a filling station chain which stretched to Europe, forgotten now.

Around the corner lies Franklin, broad and wide to accommodate the cotton traffic which was stolen by greed-filled globalists, and home stretch on to the Compound. A short walk, for sure, but the longest I've made since I was catapulted off the back of a mad Arab back in July.

And I tell you, it's good to get moving again, even if on a short patrol around this small Texan country haven.

God bless,


Friday, May 25, 2018

Pier Pressure

The pier was deserted, no pressure. And yes, this is Texas, not Aberystwyth.

Right away the fish were biting, small catfish and perch. Pretty much every cast a catch.

I lost count as the sun set over the glassy waters of the lake.

Two older gentlemen turned up and I gave them a small perch for bait. They were going after catfish.

And pulled out a MONSTER.

Good work, team.

Fish on,


Thursday, May 3, 2018

Climate Justice

Some people, say those who live in Aberystwyth, shake their fists at the weather and cry out for justice, climate justice. It's not fair that the climate should attack them on a daily basis with unending rain while a privileged elite live under the sunny skies of Texas. 

Fair? Hardly and if you doubt me, try taking a summer vacation in Borth without an umbrella and a fleece. But seriously, climate justice is about more than sharing the Texan sun with our weather oppressed Welsh friends, it's about "working at the intersections of environmental degradation and the racial, social, and economic inequities it perpetuates."

You see, anthropocentric global warming creates a greenhouse effect in the earth's atmosphere, causing the climate to change because of CO2 emissions. This makes the weather hot, which melts the ice caps and causes drought and catastrophic flooding. And it makes the weather cold, because the sun's heat is blocked by carbon dioxide, bringing on a new ice age. Polar bears are tragically driven schizophrenic by this injustice.

Poor people of color are also harmed by the inequity, as their huts flood and then become frozen blocks of ice. On the other hand, privileged whites, living in mining compounds on the high ground of the Mogollon Rim in Arizona, for example, are spared. 

Such is the perpetuation of economic, social and racial injustice, brought on by the Weather. You can take a course on it at the fabled school of higher learning we call "Cornell."

All this passed through my mind as I drove through the asset stripped streets of this rural Texan haven, while the rain crashed down with southern fury and wildfires raged through the pines of Arizona. What had gone wrong, had we somehow failed to pay our Climate Tax?

Smart people are investing in boats, skis and fireproof bunkers.

Your Pal,


Thursday, April 5, 2018

Archbishop Of Wales Captured On Camera

Welsh schoolchildren got the fright of their lives when they met the Archbishop of Wales, John Davies, a few days before Easter after the Archbishop landed in a field outside Haverfordwest, Pembrokshire.

"It was terrifying," stated student spokesperson, Rhys Morgan, "At first we saw bright lights floating above Market Street and thought it was a UFO. Then it landed and out came the Archbishop. We asked him if he believed in the resurrection and he said, 'I don't think any of us actually knows, frankly.' Then he climbed back in his spaceship and flew off. We were scared out of our wits!"

However, while the frightened schoolchildren believe they saw the Archbishop of Wales, paranormal expert, Gareth Hunt, isn't convinced. "It looks like the Archbishop but it could be a fly on the lens, a hang-glider, or a simple camera malfunction. We can't jump to conclusions."

Archbishop Davies succeeded Barry Morgan in September, 2017, who was often spotted by UFO enthusiasts above the coastal towns of Borth and Aberystwyth as well as the Bristol Channel.

Ad Astra,


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Just Shooting The Breeze

One of the best things about shooting is how awesome it is and the other day's outing with my brother was no exception. Just a lot of fun, shooting the breeze with an AR and a Glock. 

A Typical Aberystwyth Pub

Rumour has it that the Dallas Light Cavalry (DLC irreg) is open to overseas recruits, as long as they have a solid Texan connection and can shoot. 

That might knock Prince Cider (Charles) into touch, but perhaps Aberystwyth is in the running?

One Flyer But Good Work

100 yard head shots with a red dot and pretty much totally fresh to the weapon. Not shabby at all, I'd say.

Well done, bro. Big fun to get out in the field and welcome to the Mess, irregular as it is.

Gun Rights,


Wednesday, August 30, 2017


In Aberystwyth you're not allowed to shoot Glocks or AR15s because they're far too dangerous. So when my brother drove over from Dallas, where he's taking a vacation from "Aber", I loaded up the rig with some deadly assault rifles and a couple of .45s. And off we went to the range.

First off, we tackled a green silhouette at 30 and 50 yards with a banned-in-the-UK carbine, topped with a Primary Arms red dot. It's a fun gun to shoot and my brother did well, handily putting down the green terrorist. Take that, paper aggressor, you lose.

Note Cooking Glock

Then it was time for some banned-because-Brits-can't be-trusted-with-pistols Glock action. Mostly against steel plates at 10, 18, 24 and 30 yards. Big excitement as the workmanlike bit of Austrian engineering roared in the hand with explosive fury. Great enjoyment.

The best shots of the day went to my brother, who scored a series of headshots at 100 yards against the green enemy. Not bad, given no magnification and a dot.

Moral of the story? Shoot more.

Gun rights,


Saturday, February 18, 2017

Pier Pressure

"I want to go to the Pier."
"Er, why?"
"Because it's awesome."

So that's what we did, climbed into the Mercedes and drove, fast and furious, through the winding streets of downtown Aberystwyth until we reached the wave racked seafront and its famous Pier. Gulls shrieked overhead as we skidded to a stop, loose Welsh grit flying like shrapnel.

Team on Target

"Do it!" No time for hesitation, this is D Day, and the Team was out of the vehicle and making for the Pier. Open the door, walk right through the casino glow of the slots, they mean nothing, and hit the objective. That's right, our target, Aber's notorious Inn on the Pier bar.


It was empty. "I'd like a pint of San Miguel, please. Make that two, and a glass of red wine," I asked the lonely barman. "Right you are, sir," he replied, and there we were, on the Pier. "It's like being on the Channel Ferry," I observed, looking at the sea through the windows of the deserted bar. "I feel seasick," replied my brother. "Don't be ridiculous," said JS with characteristic common sense, "It's nothing like being on the Channel Ferry." 


We sipped our drinks, watching the seafront through windows that might have seen better days, or not. "But it is awesome," I replied at last, "It's the Pier."

We wanted to go outside, to the end of the Pier, and look out to sea and Ireland and the barman told us it was closed, but he did show us how to go through the snooker hall to an outside smoking area. We walked through the snooker tables, past young Welshmen sticking darts in their hands, and made it outside.

The Seafront

The sun shone through the clouds, illuminating the seafront with a golden glow. It was a good moment and I imagined the same coast, with its now ruined castle, standing guard against Irish raiders. 

The Aberystwyth Angel

Then the moment passed and we left, mission accomplished. "I feel dizzy," said my brother, "I know," I replied, "It's like being on the Channel Ferry." JS wasn't playing, "It's not like a ship at all. But look at that angel!" And sure enough, off to our right was an angel, wings outspread towards the sea.

Perhaps it's the spirit of the place.