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Friday, November 22, 2019

Texas Street Walker

The climate changed, yet again, from a balmy Springlike 70 something to freezing wind and rain. It was like being in Aberystwyth instead of Texas, but you know what they say, adopt, adapt, survive. 

That in mind, I pulled on a pair of sturdy G.H. Bass brogues, an Arctic Hardware fleece and a Barbour jacket, maybe label shock alone would scare our enemy the weather into submission, and ventured forth.

I walked past the Methshack, which is suffering because half of the shackers have been evicted. There it was, sitting in the rain behind a semi-urban field which no one's inclined to buy. Who knows, maybe they're waiting for the shack to be cleared before purchasing land to build on and sell.

The Yellow House wasn't looking too good either. It's famous for something, was reinvented as a bed and breakfast, which didn't work, then re-inhabited by crackheads. A friend tried to buy it last year but the deal went south because of craziness. I always ask myself, why would you paint your house yellow? 

Then it was a short patrol through welfare, several shacks, a pleasantly unpaved vista and on to Montes for a late breakfast. Montes is alright and's upped its game lately, with new menus, suspiciously attentive waitresses and an extra dollar on every meal.

I ordered Huevos Rancheros, which was delicious and filling, and pondered their choice of music. Relaxed New Country as opposed to Mexican House/Techno. Curious, they're obviously trying to appeal to someone and sure enough, there were a couple of cowboys getting into the spirit of the thing.

New Country aside, the Fossil Museum was worth a look in and they seem to be getting actual, literal fossils to display to the public. Well done. It used to be a place where someone from the Metrosprawl kept his collection of vintage Cadillacs, and before that the HQ of a filling station chain which stretched to Europe, forgotten now.

Around the corner lies Franklin, broad and wide to accommodate the cotton traffic which was stolen by greed-filled globalists, and home stretch on to the Compound. A short walk, for sure, but the longest I've made since I was catapulted off the back of a mad Arab back in July.

And I tell you, it's good to get moving again, even if on a short patrol around this small Texan country haven.

God bless,


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Take a Walk!

One of the benefits of living in a small rural farming community is being able to walk places. So what? You snort dismissively. So a lot; just you try and walk somewhere in one of America's metrosprawls. 

"I know," you think to yourself, "I'll walk to the shops." Think again, your city isn't built for walking or even for humans, it's built for cars instead.

The Broken Debris of Obama's America

That's not so true in older country towns, which were designed on a more human scale, and I like to take advantage of that, strolling out to the local Pick 'n Steal with Blue Defender after Morning Prayer. Or, for that matter, to Montes Mexican Diner.

This isn't Cheshire

I went down the latter route the other day, offering up the members of the congregations in prayer as I walked along the leafy boulevards of Olde Texas. 

A Typical Shack

Perhaps that sounds overly pious to you but I find walking and prayer tend to go together. There's something in it that stills the mind.

This isn't Kent

That said, there's plenty of mental space to take in the sights and reflect on the fact that this is Texas, opposed to Kent or even Cheshire. Then you arrive at Montes and everything's good. 


I ordered Huevos Rancheros, I always do, it's a tradition.

Was I armed? Maybe.


Monday, April 25, 2016

LSP, What a Sell-Out!

God is in His heaven, my rig is in the shop and before you can say, "LSP, you should've done it yourself, what a sell-out!" I'll say it for you. I sold out, to The Man, and let the mechanics deal with the truck's broken coolant system.

There Was a House Here, Once

That meant a pleasant walk back into town along 22. There were more houses here at one time, and nature's fast reclaiming the empty spaces where they once stood.


The railway's still here, though it only runs freight these days, and so is the courthouse, standing tall in the town square. We can thank Willie Nelson for part of that because he helped with its renovation in the '90s, after a fire.

Huevos Rancheros

It's a short walk across the square to Montes Mexican diner and Huevos Rancheros (Rancher's Eggs). Montes has other food and I'm sure it's great, but I don't order it, I just get Rancher's Eggs because I like them and they taste good.

A Couple of Random Glocks

This time was no exception.

God bless,


Monday, November 16, 2015

Out On Patrol

I patrolled down to Montes Mexican Diner, keeping a keen eye out for Daesh terrorists. They could be anywhere.

Takfiri safe house?

Is that Daesh, hiding under a pile of trash?

And what about here?

Perhaps you see a dumpster. I see a hardened defensive position. Clear.

A snake. Good thing I'm armed. With a Glock.

Think twice before you walk down this road. Situational awareness is key.

The patrol ended without incident, apart from a tasty helping of Huevos Rancheros, and this time ISIS stayed under cover. Smart move, guys. But seriously, people are saying that CHL holders have a duty to carry. That might not be such a bad idea.

In the meanwhile, the real war, the War on Weather, continues, with a fine drizzle of rainy attrition. Like being back in the Old Country.

Gun rights.


Monday, November 25, 2013

A Country Breakfast

Circle Y Saddle

We don't have many restaurants here though we do have Montes, which is a Mexican diner that's not far from the Courthouse Willie Nelson helped rebuild when it burned down in the '90s. Willie, and Waylon, are not Illuminati stooges or part of the sinister NWO conspiracy that put up Denver's new satanic airport, at least as far as I've been able to work out. But that's a digression.

The Mighty .303

I like to go to Montes on Monday for breakfast and get Huevos Rancheros, corn or flour tortillas, I don't care, and strong coffee. Nothing fancy, but pretty good for all that. The staff were playing some kind of Latino dance music, kind of funky for breakfast, but whatever, and the table next to me was full of these workers who'd pulled up in battered 2500s. They were discussing the comparative merits of Madonna singles, "Well, I reckon she was influenced by Groove Armada, and I don't like that," type of thing.

No Hunting Today

I was planning on hunting some rabbits after breakfast but was rained off. It's all going on in the countryside, I tell you.

Ride on,


Friday, February 8, 2013

Mexican Breakfast Hot Spot!

Country life isn't just about field sports. No, sometimes it involves a short ride in the truck to the town square and a visit to Montes.

Montes makes a fine Mexican breakfast and I usually get Huevos Rancheros, which I eat while listening to their eclectic mix of  Latino House and assorted "pop." 

I like the Montes hot sauce; a sure-fire cure for a bad tooth, in case you wondered. The re-fried beans, fried potatoes and eggs over easy on corn tortillas aren't half bad either.

Down Town!

Huevos Rancheros done, I'm all setup for another day in the Mission Field. If you're ever in town, check out Montes, it's pretty much what we have by way of a restaurant and I give it three, maybe four, diner stars out of five.

all about the pickup

In other news, I notice Germany, and several other countries are repatriating their gold from the New York Fed. The Fed has told their German friends that they can have their gold back, don't worry!, in seven years. Surely, we tell ourselves, it's all there... You can read all about it somewhere on ZeroHedge.