Friday, June 25, 2021

This And That


What's it like in Texas, apart from being like a preheating oven. Answer? It's good. Big sky, trucks, guns and all of that. Also, you get to free-range and shoot with friends on their land. It's just better than the other thing, especially when it's as well set up as JF's range.

That in mind, I drove down the road to the 200 yard line, a bit late to the party, and found young T shooting .17 HMR at a swinging gong in moderately gusting wind. The kid did well, typically scoring at 3 o'clock right at the edge of the bull. "Hold a bit further to your left at 9 '0 clock, young 'un." And he did. Boom. Dead on.

Typical Texan Truck Scene

So that was fun. I mostly spent the time spotting or going for head shots on "Jihad," a large steel silhouette, and blasting away at 25 yards with a Ruger .22 match pistol, complete with red dot. I tell you, watch that dot weave, duck and dive like a drunken man. Hmmmm. Maybe some remedial pistol practice is in order.

In other news, you'll note that America has two main enemies. Viz. The Weather, obviously, and White Supremacy. Such heinous threats, and you know what it's like. There you are, walking down the aisle of your local Walmart when Klansmen surround you. That's right, the Klan itself, and you gasp in dismay at the news of your beachfront home in Martha's Vineyard sinking beneath the waves of glacial meltdown.

Just a Couple of Millionaire Socialist Frauds

Such a threat. That's why the Klan set US cities alight last summer.  Remember Lafayette Square, Baltimore, Portland, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Chicago, New York and on. All that looting, burning and mayhem? Sure you do, and all of it caused by The Weather and extremely dangerous white supremacists.

A Typical Chimp-Out

Said no one ever, apart from our Millionaire Socialist overlords and their willing dupe-shill, NYT reading, Berkley educated, snerk, puppets. What will these clowns do when the revolution turns around and there they are, living on tofu, old New Yorker covers, wearing  a mask and not allowed to leave the country?

Oh, we're already there.

Your Pal,



RHT447 said...

I gotta get back down to JF's place. Soon. For my mental health and to confirm zeros on optics and ammo. Will also bring my 1879 Remington Lee 45/70. It shoots just about as well as the trusty Trapdoor.

On a Jukebox note, found these guys over at Irish's place--

Wow. They just nail it.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Since I'm not in a position to do it, my opinion is somewhat hallow. All the anarchy is being financed. The money people must be known, or can be found out. They need to feel the pain, feel the heat, know the fear. Drones dropping incidenaries on their roofs? Their vehicles vandalized everytime they venture from their gated compounds? Their private jets destroyed on the parking aprons? Let them feel real righteous right wing supremacists anger. Them, instead of primitive tribal members in remote corners of the world. Don't let all that training and acquired skills go to waste.

Ignore the punks on the street. Decapitate the enablers.

LL said...

You're right, LSP - I need to get out to the range more just to clear my mind. The area where I usually shoot has been closed due to forest fires. The firefighters take a dim view of me banging away over their fireline with .50BMG Armor Piercing Incendiary ammo.

LSP said...

Nice link, RHT, and it's heading for the juke.

Like the sound of the 45/70! It'd be good to meet up for a shoot.

LSP said...

That's pretty fight club, WSF. Let's see where it goes when they can't afford to pay the Army. In the meanwhile, we're getting closer and closer to some kind of Techno Versailles by the day. I don't see how that ends well for the courtiers.

LSP said...

I tell you, LL, it's been good to get out and shoot over the last week or two. As you say, clears the mind.

OK, I know that launching incendiary .50s into the fireline isn't the best idea, but perhaps there's some kind of middle ground?