Thursday, June 3, 2021

So It's Come To This


Here we are, in June 2021, and lo and behold, mainstream childrens' shows like Blue's Clues are pushing drag queens and transgender children in their popular kids' cartoon. And hey, it's all so blissful and joyous:

“Families marching four by four. Hurrah! Hurrah! Trans members of this family, they love each other so proudly and they all go marching in the big parade!”

Wow. Put yourself, if you can, in the place of a parent whose child's been captured by this ideology and has decided to turn themselves into a blasphemous parody of a man or a woman. A neither, a no-sex variant of their God given humanity. Hurrah? Oh yes, for Big Pharma and associated corporations who can look forward to that persynn's lifelong dependence on their drugs. Don't say PROFIT$.

Where does this attack on personhood and the family come from? Let's zoom in:

See it? A jolly little BLM Marxist fist held in the hand of our happy drag queen like an ice cream cone, or is it a microphone. Perhaps both. I won't go on but I will say this. Such perverse wickedness amounts to child abuse and it's been part of the Bolshevik agenda from day one, the "bourgeois claptrap of the family," sneered Marx and Engels in their Manifesto.

Reject that and the givenness of human nature itself and at last you can be free, No Gods, No Masters! shrieked the libertine abortionist Margaret Sanger. Well yes, except for the corporations who sponsor you. What revolting hypocrisy. 

And so it's come to this, big money, beyond our wildest dreams, riding on the back of faddish New Maoism to make itself even richer than it is already at the expense of our children's minds and bodies. How utterly disgusting, and all in the name of freedom, tolerance and science, said the rich plastic surgeon in a lab coat to the teenager they've just castrated. 

Stand against this wickedness. Be like the brave Hungarians in 1918 who threw off the perverted rule of Leftist tyranny. Be like Russia, the country which escaped from beneath the talons of the Beast and returned to Christ. Be like all who've stood for freedom and the God who guarantees it, et nunc et semper.

And lest ye forget, Baphomet's trans, look it up.

Your Old Pal,



drjim said...

We VERY carefully screen what our grandson watches. ANY show like this is taboo!

Joy D. Brower said...

This was a VERY powerful message, LSP!! I know most of us are aware of this evil now being promoted widely across "the fruit plain!" But I rarely see such ugly examples of this dreadful propaganda, and can only commiserate with parents and guardians confronted with this and wondering how in hell to protect their kids!! It truly defies reason how ANYONE can stomach this crap and then let it out among the public and the children!!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Why the hell can't adults let children be children? Preverts, the lot.

Kid said...


Well, I look forward to the day I can start reading stories in 'the news' about how Tammy who used to be Tommy until his lesbo 'parents' had him castrated at 7 years old, assured that he was a girl trapped in a 'evil' boys body, comes back around 18 years of age and blows their brains out after torturing them for a couple weeks.

The Political Chick said...

By the way, Right-wingers didn’t just dream up : all the things that are destroying this country!
In fact we have been warning you against it for all those years that Obama was in office.
I keep thinking about the quote whenever anyone claims that the Obama administration was scandal-free. How many more times are we going to hear people make this claim and see it go unchallenged?
Think of all the disasters that happened in all of Obama’s Presidentcy.
The destructive economic trade policies, the Iraq War, the housing bubble, the banks that were “too big to fail,” mortgage-backed securities, the Hillary Clinton campaign of 2016 — all of these disasters brought to you by the “First African American self-assured, highly educated man”. And how about people that served in Obama’s administration, the ones who are supposed to know what they’re doing, plus the total complacency of the highly educated people who are supposed to be supervising the Wonder Man, the Magnificent, the Messiah!.. the man who NEVER had any “Scandals “. Yeah Right!
I guess that sending a Terrorists Nations Billions in Cash in the dark of the night is “Normal ”?

Old NFO said...

Agree with WSF, that way I don't use four letter words on your blog... Grrr

LSP said...

drjim, it's ubiquitous, good luck...

LSP said...

It's just outrageous, Joy. What an utter scandal.

LSP said...

Yeah they are, WSF, and rich off the trade to boot. How revolting.

LSP said...

You know it's coming, Kid.

LSP said...

Political Chick, are you somehow criticizing the Great 0?

Report yourself, immediately.

LSP said...

Right with you, NFO.