Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Blue's Investment Fund


It's a pump and dump, a tulip, you're gonna get burned, big time, holding the bag. Excuse me, fella, you don't like dogs? That said, we ignored the MSM FUD, Blue and I, and invested in the internet's most popular dog-faced crypto. That was back in February and it's been a bumpy ride, a roller coaster, even.

One week it's at 6 cents, the next at 70 and boom, down to 20 before surging to wherever. Net result? A few thousands of hypothetical USD$ profit. Good work, pup, this Lambo's not going to buy itself. Then last night happened, a surge, from 30 cents to >40. Whoa. Diamonds are created under pressure. I called up LL:

What you gonna do when we hit Moon? Buy a Quadcopter?

No, I want a yacht, bigger than Bezos'.

I get that. You can land the quad on the yacht. And start a Navy, a contract Navy.


Point being, USN will be so distracted in the coming years with filling trans quotas and decommissioning LCS that it won't be able to deploy. 

Enter Contract Navy, funded by... everyone's fave crypto. A de-fi currency, store of value, free of Big State thievery, a kind of Buccaneer Coin, branded with an adorable Shiba. You do the math.

In the meanwhile, let's see the pup hit a dollar and then some.

Ad Lunam,



Bob said...

I want one of those Trump cards !

I'll let ya know when I buy some Dog cause that will be the sell signal.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Your modest investment is providing you with hours of enjoyment. With luck, will make you wealthy!

LSP said...

Kid, WE ALL want those cards, maybe several. And hey, it's weird but whenever I buy the dip it keeps on dipping. Huh. Thanks for the signal.

LSP said...

It's been hours of fun, WSF, and's turned out to be a good call so far. Let's see that moon and big parties for one and all on the yacht(s) :)

Old NFO said...

LOL, as long as it's fun, keep going... :-)

LSP said...

Right on, NFO. And here's the thing, I needed some uplift following the dismal chicanery of the election, and found it in the Shiba. Went in early, fortunately... To buy in now means a bet that the coin's gonna hit >1$. I think it will, and then some, but if not? Still can't complain. HODL :)

Ed Bonderenka said...

Letter of Marque.
I'd invest in that.

Forward in Christ said...

Now that, Ed, is a very good point. I'll pass it on.