Thursday, June 10, 2021



 I was struck by this today, by Romano Guardini:

He simply commands us to follow his instructions. Only from the depths of a great faith is it possible to obey. One must be utterly convinced that such obedience evokes a divine reaction in our relationship with God, that when we act according to his will we participate in the divine creation, in the forming of a new world, for it is creative conduct that is commanded here.

When man so acts, he not only becomes good in himself and before God, but the divine goodness dormant in him becomes active power. This is what the Lord means when he speaks of "salt" that has not lost its flavor, "light" which lights the whole house.


The divine goodness dormant in him becomes active power; the seed of grace, God's life, unfolds with tremendous, unfathomable, brilliance in the souls of the faithful. Those with eyes to see will have have seen this light.

God bless,



LL said...

Thus it falls to us to let our light so shine.

When one has the spirit of Christ, it pervades everything and virtue is the result. The opposite is sadly, also true.

LSP said...

Well said, a pearl beyond price.

GenX Crit said...

thank you

Unknown Soldier said...



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