Saturday, June 26, 2021

Shouldn't Do That


Steal an election. Shouldn't do that, just don't do it. Pretend you're for the working poor as you open the border to low paid labor and cause a scamdemic to make yourself even richer. Shouldn't do that either. It's wrong, very wrong. Ship all your industry overseas to fund that beach house. Not ethically sound. At. All. Shouldn't do that. 

Watch your cities turn into urban hellholes while you sit back on the profit, but don't worry, trans bathrooms and gay flags. Big mistake. Shouldn't do that. Kill your babies in the womb in the name of freedom. You most especially shouldn't do that, you utter satans.  

Go on, blame your egregious breach of social contract, of governors to governed, on imaginary third parties and watch, Versailles-style, that illusion come crashing down. 

To put it another way, their chicanery, malfeasance, greed and deceit has within itself the seeds of its own undoing. A house built on sand cannot stand and, when it falls, great will be the fall of it.

So be prepared. Space Rock forever,



SgtBob said...

God told the Israelites: “You shall not give any of your children to devote them by fire to Moloch, and so profane the name of your God” (Lev. 18:21). Since the law proscribes things to which the Israelites had knowledge, Moloch must have held sway over many other peoples. How unknowing of God must a people be, to willingly comply with a priest’s order, “Give us your child,” or even worse, to offer a child. Throughout the ages, man has wondered, “How long will God put up with this?” We should not be surprised when one day a voice says to all, “I told you so.”

Ed Bonderenka said...

I wonder how the Judgement of God will manifest itself, and will we be collateral damage?

LSP said...

I totally agree, Sgt.

LSP said...

Same here, ED. The Church, collectively, stands under the judgement because the denoms have gone along with this. I don't see how it goes well.