Monday, June 14, 2021



The Compound doesn't have a tower, sadly, but it does have several roofs, and with roofs comes, ahem, responsibility. You have to keep them in order, or else an historic Texan house becomes an historic Texan ruin. To prevent that, I climbed up on the roof.

Trees needed cutting back, gutters had to be cleaned, and a malfeasant air conditioning exhaust somehow fixed. The evil beast was leaking water all over the roof and that had to be stopped before it caused catastrophic damage. 

miserable offender

Fortunately, it was a simple blockage and easily cleared, thanks to a couple of holes cleverly cut into the PVC for just that purpose. Well done, far-sighted HVAC tech of yesteryear.

Plumbing job over, I surveyed what's fast becoming a sort of double canopy (?) forest of Pecan, Crepe Myrtle and more besides. This is good, it provides shade, and that's no small thing when our Old Enemy the Weather does its level best to imitate a blast furnace.

sylvan groves of Olde Texas

Sylvan reverie over, I cut into the invading jungle with a vengeance, clearing the green invader from the very roof it was threatening to destroy. Take that.


Next step? Clean out the gutters. This is a nasty job, especially when you haven't bothered to do it in over a year. And you should, because if you don't, the backed up gutters will send water up under the roof, into the fascia, onto the soffit, and before you know it the whole leading edge of the thing is rotted out. And that's a nightmare.

typical Texan roof scene -- sort out the downspouts, LSP

Even more of a nightmare than the job itself, which got done, mostly. And that, punters, is the story of that. It was good to get up on the top of the world and survey the wonder of sylvan Texas. 

Good, too, to get some preventative maintenance done. It beat, let me tell you, reading about the ongoing, wicked clownshow that is the governance of what used to be Christendom.

I file this, vaguely, under country life in Texas and more specifically, under "roof."

Do good every day,



drjim said...

Well done, Parson! When we had our new installed we also paid a few $$ extra for "Gutter Guards" to keep the trash out of the gutters. I'm not limber or spry enough to get up there and do it, so we did the next best thing.

So far they've worked wonderfully, but don't get the plastic ones!

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Hopefully you were taking safety precautions. Circa 1960's, Steamboat Springs, CO, a priest clearing snow off a roof fell ad was killed.

Jim said...

I need to clean my gutters as well. Thanks for the reminder.

Bob said...

FWIW, no easier way to clean gutters than with a power blower if you haven't tried that.

Our last new roof got oversize gutters, downspouts and gutter guards and now no reason to go up there. Worth the extra $ for me.

Your roof looks in good shape.


Infidel de Manahatta said...

Clean our gutters? Only if Biden is the gutter.

Anonymous said...

Walked outside one day and found my new next door neighbor up on a ladder with his leaf blower blowing out his gutters. Really admired his ingenuity.


RHT447 said...

What Bob said. When the gutters are dry, hit 'em with the leaf blower.

Our house did not have gutters when we bought it. The valley between the garage and the house "peed" off onto the front walkway. Cows and flat rocks sorta thing. We had 4-inch gutters and down spouts installed. Even they can get plugged up. Just takes a twig or something to bridge the drain hole, which snags something smaller, and smaller still on down the point it's plugged up.

Which it was during a recent downpour. Saw the water cascading by the window. New I was going to get soaked, so went out in shorts, t-shirt, and baseball cap, grabbing the 6-foot aluminum ladder on the way. Got it cleared in a jiffy. Back into the garage, strip down, wring out soaked clothes and toss them in the dryer.

Dad of Six said...

Excellent work Padre. It looks like your shingles are in pretty good shape as well.

In other news, it appears that our Pope experienced a moment of clarity and declined a photo op for Puddin'head. Now if only the USCCB can rise above the homosexualist/masonic/careerist Cupichs and Tobins, we can truly begin accompanying the Bidens and Pelosis of the USA.

Bob said...

RHT, We also have a crotch valley between roof and house. Water used to look like Niagara during heavy rain. We have gutters on house and garage in that area and the house is a little higher than garage so he extended the house gutter over onto half of the valley to divert some of that water and also installed vertical metal panels about 6 inches high right at the corner where the water would normally cascade over. Between those two mods, I haven't seen a drop hit the ground now with any kind of rain. Interestingly, we got a Deluge a few days after the roof was done and nothing came over.

The gutter guards are aluminum.

Old NFO said...

Welp, you got your exercise for the day, that's for sure. Leaf guards or similar are your friends, trust me! Especially with that many trees!!!

LSP said...

drjim, we have gutter guards, and they're great. but they're not auto cleaning, annoyingly!

LSP said...

WSF, I was foolish... climbed up there like a proverbial monkey.

LSP said...

Glad to help, Jim.

LSP said...

Kid, it was a... job.

LSP said...

no one ever said it'd be easy, Infidel.

LSP said...

Ah, Anon. Leaf blowers. A latter day scourge,

LSP said...

All in a day's work, RHT.

LSP said...

Kyrie. USCCB, that's a low blow, DOS.

LSP said...

NFO. I lost half m'weight in sweat!