Wednesday, June 30, 2021



I've never been to Vegas, the City of Lights, but Ma LSP, BW and Bo have. In fact they're there right now along with a couple of friends. Bo, my middle sister and a Byzantine classicist(?) by education was struck by the imperial grandeur of it all and sent in this photo essay. Here it is, Las Vegas June 2021:

Look, Imperial Rome, at 11 a.m.

Varus, where are my Eagles?

And what fresh hell is this? Ostia?

But note the Eagle and Orb of Imperium, held aloft in a darkening, cerulean sky.

And a homely Tuscan villa.

And Ma LSP enjoying St. Mark's Square. 

Feminae, beware the monstrous bird! Good thing it's not angry. Readers, do you see it, lurking?

But upwards, ascendite! to what? The domus aurea of the desert and the casinos of the Gods. Yes, enter at your peril.

Quod scis et divum Augustum et Tiberium Caesarem ad deos isse.

Quite a thing, eh? Imagine, if you can, looking out on the Eternal City from the Palatine Hill and the wreckage of the palace of the Caesars in, say, the 7th Century AD. 

You'd see a sea of ruins, a city that's declined from over a million people to around 20,000, stricken by plague and war but nonetheless home to the great, holy, Patriarch of the West, Gregory, gens Anicii.

There's a parable here, if you care to draw it,



Well Seasoned Fool said...

Las Vegas, for me, is a place to get past. Nothing there interests me. Many years ago I took the wife to see Elvis. I was there for a business meeting.

drjim said...

Oh, Heaven help this poor sinner for being so snake-fascinated with Las Vegas! Ever since I first saw the original "Ocean's 11", and got into Sinatra's music, I've been fascinated with the history and "culture" of Las Vegas. From the Rat Pack to the Casinos, and the desert to Area 51, I've read numerous books, and seen many movies, about Vegas. Fascinating place, interesting to explore if you can get past the glitz, but I wouldn't want to live there.

Bob said...

Vegas is a fun interesting place. Great place for people watching. I've seen people getting mega-rich and guys in suits hitching on the road out of town with their suitcase sitting there beside. Never take more than you're willing to donate to the place and never use an ATM there. You can have a lot of fun without gambling.

I've been there dozens of times and money-wise, I'm going to say I'm even with the place. Slots, blackjack, and roulette my games of choice. I can tell some stories.

Yea, they completely put a roof over the street in the old strip of Vegas and that sky is artificial and I believe composed of displayed images that can be changed any time.

LSP said...

I've never been, WSF, oddly. I think the women had fun though.

LSP said...

Definitely fascinating, drjim. Maybe I should visit.

LSP said...

Even! Well done, Bob! Not that I'm a gambling man, obvs. 10 DOGE$ on the monkey and twice as fast.

LL said...

The Temple of the Living Elvis offers humanity whatever it desires.

Obviously, MaLSP, BW, and Bo were there to hang out and stay away from the enticements of the roulette wheel.

Wild, wild west said...

Been thru the airport on connecting flights several times. All those people sitting around, obviously hung over from too much fun, if you want to call it that, very depressing atmosphere. 1 out of 5 stars; do not recommend. Then our adopted nephew the Jarhead committed matrimony out there in 2019, so Mrs. and I flew out for the ceremony and my first real visit. Interesting, especially the shops, restaurants and the sky projected on the ceilings that seems to move as you walk along. But have no urge to go back. I have to wonder. What happens when the 300-year drought comes back and the Colorado quits flowing? Hmmm. Leaving Las Vegas indeed.

Anonymous said...

Vegas......nothing but a giant shit hole!

LSP said...

LL, they just went there for kix, perversely. And had fun, I think.

LSP said...

WWW, I've never been tempted, though now I feel I should visit. Just to say I've been. Hmmmm.

Chas S. Clifton said...

I remember that bogus Italian sky. And the singing goldoliers (music majors from UNLV) rowing their gondolas indoors, sort of sad. (Memories from SHOT Show a few years back)

LSP said...

Never been, Anon.

LSP said...

Chas, I have a confession to make. I've neither been to Vegas or the SHOT SHOW.

I know, I need to put that last bit right.