Monday, October 18, 2021

Now You're Vax Dead


Colin Powell, our famous, heroic, selfless, honest, not in-it-for-profit general has died. He was 84. Powell was tragically killed in his dotage by the Wu-Flu or China Virus, which is really weird because he was vaccinated against it. 

And that's why we all have to get vaccinated, mandate style, because that'll stop us getting killed by the Bat Bug, just like the vax did for honest general Powell. Except that it didn't. Kyrie, are we at peak insanity? Apparently not.

Two Killers One Demon

In the meanwhile, why wasn't this honorable, truthful, honest general given exemption from the killer vax? You know, like Congress and Federal Judges or postal workers? Perhaps he would have survived the flu.

But maybe the octogenarian believed his own swampish marketing. And now he's dead. 

Remember, lest you judge, the repentant thief.

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Well Seasoned Fool said...

He was a product of his time. I know two men who served along side of him in Vietnam (both enlisted). They both say he wasn't lacking in courage. They also didn't have a high opinion of his service in later years.

Adrienne said...

He also had cancer and Parkinson's - which had nothing whatsoever to do with his death. The last surgeon general actually said the "unvaxxed" were responsible for his death. WTH??

Bob said...

Wasn't sure of my overall opinion of this guy but given he threw America under the bus for obama, and was yukking it up with the satanic clinton beast, I see no redeeming value at all.

Zero points.

As fas as the Covery thing, the gov has been lying like sacks about all of it.

greggBC said...

It was probably the fake vaccine that killed him.

Katherine said...

The evidence is accumulating that people who already have immune deficiencies don't develop the immunity from the vaccines that healthy people do (at least for a while). Powell had Parkinson's and multiple myeloma. The disease is still dangerous to medically fragile people despite the vaccines.

LSP said...

WSF, I'm sure he was a good soldier and brave with it. Too bad the swamp devoured him.

LSP said...

I know, Adrienne, it's beyond bizarre. Evil.

LSP said...

Totally agree, Bob, 100%.

LSP said...

Who knows, gregBC. Perhaps it was cancer, perhaps it was old age, perhaps it was an experimental serum which Pharma's not liable for. Maybe all of the above.

I've heard, from public health professionals, that vax deaths are reported as COVID deaths if there's any prior record of infection. Just by the way.

LSP said...

Katherine, there's a curious link between the virus and immune deficiency. Don't say HIV.