Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Mandate Madness


For some weird, unfathomable reason pilots and air traffic controllers aren't too keen on getting the vax as commanded, mandated, by our Beloved Leader.

But EMS workers love being ordered to get the vax. Just kidding, they hate it. It's even rumored our troops aren't too happy about being ordered to get the jab or get a dishonorable discharge. Yes, it's bizarre, but they don't seem to like this.

What brazen, literal, treasonous, sedition. Our popular and loved rulers, who are sacrificially exempt from the vax, clearly have one option and only one. They must arrest these domestic terrorists. For the good of the people. 

Be patient, this will take time. Our patriotic Stasi must first round up the January insurrectionists, and all so-called "parents" who dare question the authority of the State Schools. Be assured, all dissent will be crushed.

Seriously, we've come to this? No planes, 911 or military, to say nothing of nurses, doctors, police and firefighters all on account of greed, lust for power and political posturing? Apparently we have. But at what point will the political pandemic become politically inexpedient. Will our rulers back down or triple down?

You, the reader, be the judge,



Bob said...

They will quintuple down. I triple guarantee it.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Let us hope they quintuple down. The short term pain will be bad, but it will create a legion of freedom fighters.

Kid said...

Agree WSF. Let's fire this thing up.

Lots of people opting out. Lot's of people not working, many who are are incompetent based on first hand reports from everyone I talk to. Product shortages. 90% of our stuff comes from China who likely kicked off the Covid with the dems helping. Who thought getting everything from China was a good idea beside the dems. And why did the repubs not raise the National Security threat of that to a clear and present danger years ago. Inquiring minds.

I suspect it's going to get a lot sportier out there. It's bad enough already. The American 'machine' is far from up to par.


Wild, wild west said...

Those container ships aren't gonna unload themselves. That's the plan, anyway. Way to go, Brandon!

Infidel de Manahatta said...

Something's got to give. But I'm not optimistic it can be done peacefully. Not with every election being stolen.

When the government declares you an outlaw, it is only fitting you behave as one.

LSP said...

I'm afraid you're right, Bob. They can't stop themselves at this point.

LSP said...

WSF, with you there.

LSP said...

Kid, surely our rulers weren't paid ma$$ive amounts of ca$h to offshore errrrthing to China. What a corrupt gang of malfeasant, traitorous crooks.

Sportier? I don't see how it won't be.

LSP said...

WWW, who is this Brandon? I think I like him.

LSP said...

I fear you're right, Infidel.

And could you please start blogging again? Thx.