Thursday, October 21, 2021

What A Good Day


You know what it's like, some days are sluggish, unproductive, but not this day. Say Morning Prayer, read the news, then drive to Whitney for breakfast with one of the flock. What a good guy, he has a ranch outside of Valley Mills and scorns our Globalist, Illuminati, MillSoc Overlords as much as the best of us. Fun to shoot with, too.

So that was good and before you could whistle Dixie there I was, back at the Compound getting stuck in to the next evolution. Viz. Get a magazine ready to send to a printer in the DFW metrosprawl. 

Defende Nos

"Text Frame Options," "Place," "Draw Text Frame," choose compelling graphic to illustrate articles you hopefully don't have to rewrite, and all of that. Seriously, sometimes you have to wonder, is English your first language. 

17 Buck Threeper

Well it pretty much was in this instance and I got the job done, result. Sharp looking book, off to press you go. Next step? Drive out to the lake church and say Mass, always uplifting, and stop by a country supermarket on the way for provisions. Lo and behold, they had a Threeper at pre-Bidenflation prices. Wow. Buy it and thank God for his great goodness.


Now, back in this congenial if asset-stripped Texan farming community, it's time to celebrate the several victories of the day.




LL said...

Take your victories where you can, LSP.

LSP said...

"Fall upon your enemies and destroy them utterly."

Mr. Wolf, VICTORIA, nothing less.

Congrats on Loki's Fire and the upcoming Terror Wolf series. Curiously, Ma LSP's sent me an article saying Egyptian wolves are the nearest dogs we have to domestic. Why should humans and wolves become friends? I know, forgive rhetoric.

Paul M said...

My dad would say, “You’ll have good days and bad days, the trick in life is to have more good days than bad ones.”

Dwell on the good stuff even with the chaos circling all around.

Bob said...

Enjoy the good ones !