Friday, October 29, 2021

And So It Begins


And so it begins, empty shelves at the local Made-in-China mart. Sorry, serfs, no luncheon meat for you. And anyway, you wouldn't appreciate it if you had it, much less steak, which we've priced far beyond your reach.

Yes, no more meat for you. But don't worry, there will be other food, nutritious food which doesn't destroy fragile planet earth, our island home. Straight from you to table, recycled. Patriotic even, food for the people from the people.

But seriously, why should we expect people who enthusiastically support, who champion killing babies in the womb at the point of birth, to have anything like a moral compass. What would they not do? At this point of Hideous Strength, I'd say all the cards are on the table. The Abolition of Man is well underway. Pro tip, read those books.

In the meanwhile, make sure you've got plenty of food, water, wine and bullets before the Eschaton hits. If it doesn't? Give even more to the poor, bonus.

Your Apocalyptic Friend,



Wild, wild west said...

There is ab-so-lute-lee nothing they would not do. They are capable of everything, and lust for all of it.

"plan your work and work your plan" is the order of the day with them.

RHT447 said...

The bottleneck--

LSP said...

Totally agree, WWW. Terrifying, eh?

LSP said...

Excellent article, RHT. Solution? Move shipping to Florida.