Thursday, October 28, 2021



Dogs are barking ferociously here, it's a right ruckus.

The Peoples Coin and it's an adorable Shiba Inu to boot

They celebrate the People's Currency

Hedge Fund

Which ran hard today. Good pup.

See you on the Moon and/or the Detroit Caddy

Where will it end, $28, $69, $420? Hey, I'd settle for a buck and call it a good game well played. But in the meanwhile we hold, diamond hands, in for the long haul. That in mind, let's see everyone's favorite internet magic meme token explode in value as trad fiat implodes in catastrophic Gotterdamerung.

Now there's a warning for us all.

Do only good every day,



drjim said...

I'm still buying it, and my son is now set back up, and actively mining again.

Anonymous said...

Travel all the way to the moon and then drink Carlsberg...wrong at so many levels. It is like going to a swanky Cocktail Bar and ordering Thunderbird.

LSP said...

drjim, one word, SMART.

LSP said...

Ahem, Anon.

Bob said...

Go Boy Go

LSP said...

I LOVE that movie, Bob.

LSP said... fact, I might have to post it.