Sunday, May 26, 2019

What is Truth?

What is truth, asked the unfortunate Pilate. Prompted by LL's engaging Sunday sermon, I returned to the Angelic Doctor to find out.

Aquinas describes truth in three ways, ontological, moral and logical. You can get a helpful snapshot here, but let's reflect briefly on the logical definition, truth is conformity of mind to thing. When you see an object for what it is, you see it correctly.

Yes it's true, Putin is awesome

For example, your mind  tells you that the US President is a Kremlin spy and that Russian strongman, Vladimir Putin, is head of Spectre and Chaos. And all because the NYT, WaPo, Rachel Maddow, CNN and your pet unicorn told you so. 

Truth can be terrifying

Great, only problem being that your ridiculous, childish, risible theory doesn't have any evidence to back it up. It's all in your mind, which is laughably out of synch with reality, and notoriously out of conformity with the thing at hand. It's not true.

Please let this be true

Then, waking up from your emotive but tragically false dreamstate, you see Hillary and realize that the Killer Krone of Benghazi needs to be locked up along with all the other Illuminati, NWO, transnational globalist elite clowns.

Truly pathetic

Congratulations, you've arrived at the truth. Discerning that which is, your mind's in conformity to the thing, the awful thing that is the dismally failed Candidate Clinton.

A Winner and a Loser. Truth

In related news, the BREXIT party's smashed it's uniparty rivals in the European elections, and Marine Le Pen's defeated hated Rothschild puppet, Macron, in France. Salvini's won Italy and Tarcynski Poland, Germany's gone predictably and pathetically green. 

Le Pen truly beats hated Illuminati shill Macron

Is Europe waking up? That remains to be seen.




Ed Bonderenka said...


LL said...

Pontius Pilate became a martyr for Christianity in his later life. He was killed while teaching and testifying of Jesus in Switzerland. Mount Pilatus was named in his honor. Or so the legend goes.

LSP said...

But Ed, that's your truth.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

One truth. Only one person has gotten out of this world alive.

LSP said...

Interesting stuff, LL, and his wife was a Christian too, it's said. Also, and I find this interesting, Mary Magdalene wasn't so much of a "street lady" as the daughter of an important family with an estate. Apparently the Magdalene money part financed the operation.

Legend has it she ended up in France/Gaul with I forget which disciple(s).

True? Don't know, but it's odd enough to be so.

LindaG said...

Thanks for the post, Parson.

Fredd said...

Who gets to live at 10 Downey Street after Theresa May moves out? My money is on Boris Johnson, although only guys from Russia are named Boris (Boris Yeltzin and Boris Badenov of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame).

I wonder if he will endure a 22-month long media rectal exam like Trump did on account of that Boris/Russia connection?

And remember: what's the difference between Hillary Clinton and a ham sandwich? You seem to have forgotten the punch line, Reverend.

Adrienne said...

Who was it that said, "May you live in interesting times?"

I think we are.

P.S. LL is starting to sound very Catholic (catholic?)

Jim said...

Willie's written some superb songs. He should stick to music.

Ed Bonderenka said...

That's interesting about Pilate. I had thought that Eusebius said he committed suicide.
I've done a bit of reading about "the Mary's" in an attempt to see who was who.
I don't think that a wealthy Magdalene who was healed of several evil spirits precludes one who was driven into sexual sin/self-abuse by said demons.

LSP said...

Well said, WSF. And as he says, "the way, the truth and the life."

LSP said...

Linda, I blame it on LL!

LSP said...

Dammit, Fredd, you have me there!

I used to drink with Boris now and again, back in the halcyon days of the '90s. He was a lot of fun, but of course I didn't know he was a Russian spy.

LSP said...

Adrienne, I've long suspected LL was an undercover Vicar General...

LSP said...

JIm, we're in total agreement.

LSP said...

Good point, Ed, agreed. And of course we don't have far to look for examples today.

Interesting legends, regardless, and I feel they have the ring of truth. Mind you, I want to believe more!