Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Why Are We Waiting?

For Theresa Traitor May to resign before being lynched by mobs of angry steel workers? Good question. Obeying Brussels' carbon credit gambling schemes is clearly more important than the livelihood of British workers. Let's see how the Brexit Party polls tomorrow.

For Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Brennan, Strzork and all the other coup conspirators to be locked up alongside Hillary? Who knows, perhaps the President has a timetable. In the meanwhile, outraged Dems are gnashing their teeth and grandstanding on an impeach-Trump-subpoena-everything-that-moves platform. Because Russian Collusion. Really? Good luck with that.

For full or partial UFO disclosure? Some say that's on the cards as the Navy, for one, seems to be taking Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP) more seriously, and who can blame them. Probably makes sense to investigate weird craft buzzing Carrier Groups.

Is the famous tic-tac UAP Chinese hi-tech from the future, indicating ChiCom victory in the looming trade war or is it one of our own or something else altogether? This remains to be seen. In the meanwhile we wait for the Army to release a putative soldier from MEPS.




Kid said...

Seems British politics is even more dysfunctional than America politics. I believe DJ Trump had to wait for the Mueller report to come out before sicking Barr on the crime as stupid people everywhere would see it as obstruction.

Steve Bannon says if Tump wins in 2020, we're going to see Trump off the chain. I think we're going to see that a lot sooner. He was restrained in the Rose Garden impromptu speech today but you could tell he was Pissed that POS pelosi accused him of running a cover-up.

LSP said...

I hope you're right, Kid. And, let's be honest, would you want DJT as an enemy?

Kid said...

I would not LSP, and I don't think any of the vocal hyenas in federal government with a "-D" after their name do either. But I think they've been bought and paid for and now is the time for them to really go out on limbs to serve their masters, however distasteful it might be. Why put in the effort ?

Then again, it is not possible to embarrass a libtard. They're all sociopath.

My thinking is the repubs don't care if they're in charge as they can steal money just as easily as if they were, maybe easier, but the dems are not satisfied with that for some reason and they go full retard and full anti-American to once again obtain the majority.

Honestly, I don't have a why for that which I'd make a big bet on. I believe it centers on being slaves to some very powerful people/groups and probably globalism. Maybe they truly are communist/marxists though.