Friday, May 31, 2019

Another Day At The Compound

The day started off ferociously stormy, with high wind, driving rain and thunder clouds rolling in from the south. A good opportunity to set up on the porch, say Morning Prayer and behold the fury of the elements. 

Then the climate changed, the turbulence in the heavens was stilled, the sun came out, and it became ferociously hot. Time to set up on the back porch for Evening Prayer. Such is Ascensiontide.

MAGA Troopers And A Fiddy

Prayer no sooner said than a couple of kids rode into the Compound's car park. They were checking out an appallingly chromed up One Fiddy that's been inexplicably parked on the gravel for the last two weeks.

Being an amiable LSP, I didn't activate AI controlled perimeter miniguns or call the MPs. No, I strolled over, congratulated the boys on their horses, which were in excellent order, and asked if they knew about the mysteriously chromed One Fiddy. 

Rodeo Rocks

It belonged to them, apparently, and still doesn't work despite a certain lack of attention on the part of the person who placed it in the DLC (Dallas Light Cavalry) vehicle park. Well, the Fiddy might not work but the horses did, and off they rode into the arbored boulevards of the rural Texan haven that is this town.


I tell you, I've got a lot of time for these youngsters and, in case you didn't know, there's a long tradition of black cowboys in this neck of the woods. And I don't want to be controversial, but if there was more of it, Texas, to say nothing of America, would be a better place than it is already.

Ride on,



LL said...

A strange F-150 on the parade grounds?

Might it have been stolen? If so, they likely would not have claimed it.

LSP said...

Ah, RHSM. I fully understand.


But in fairness, they're good boys.

Anonymous said...

Women over the age of 30 are useless and create autistic children. Basically, you shuold never date a woman over the age of 25. Old women are stupid.

Jim said...

+1 on the black cowboys. I know a couple and they're good people.

Well Seasoned Fool said...

Money better spent on maintenance than bling.

Kid said...

Anon, so you're female, under 25 and haven't gotten a date yet? Maybe transgender is for you. Careful though, Trannies have a 41% suicide rate.

LSP, I was starting to think Ford's were breaking the mold of being Found On Road Dead os Fix Or Repair Daily vehicles. That thing doesn't look that old to be 'not working'.

Old NFO said...

Good people, and hard workers! ANY cowboy is going to be a hard worker!

LSP said...

I like those guys, Jim.

LSP said...

That, WSF, is a very good point. The horses were in excellent order though.

LSP said...

Kid, I was thinking exactly that. My truck's been a workhorse and still going strong at 256k. Mind you, it's not all chromed up...

LSP said...

A cowboy once told me, NFO, "Nineteenth century work for nineteenth century wages." I'm sure he had a point!

Maybe I've only met good ones, but I like cowboys and it's fun to ride with them. Need to do more of that.