Sunday, August 16, 2009

Churches I Don't Like

I try to avoid religious polemic on this blog, apart from the odd playful dig at His Grace, The Lord Archdruid of Canterbury, his waspish boybishop sidekick, Katherine Schori and, of course, the slaver proponents of The Religion of Peace. But sometimes enough is enough and you have to speak out against churches like Holy Trinity, Wall Street. Why? Because of their **y Clown Eucharist. I don't like that church; I think its its a right mockery. Unfortunately its paradigmatic of the The Episcopal Church as a whole - wealthier than a truckload of Nazi Gold, and as risable as a gang of clowns. Chances are they're not even humans beneath the clown masks; no, they're probably Aliens, or robots, like Nancy Pelosi. With that in mind, I award Holy Trinity Wall Street a sturdy 9 out of 10 LSP Rubbish Church points. A high score, by anyone's reckoning.

After dwelling on that for an unwholesome ten minutes, I hoisted a Texan Flag outside the Parsonage. Uplifting.

Hang Out More Flags

Have a blessed Sunday, remember to shoot safe, stay on the horse and beware of sinister clowns, ecclesial or otherwise.



PS. Thanks to Texanglican for the unsettling clown picture.


LL said...

It might apply to Christian Churches as well.

I know a prominent Buddhist Rinpoche and asked him about the large Buddhist facilities in the US and elsewhere - and the profit motive.

He said, "Big Temple, Big Demon."

LSP said...

"Big Temple, Big Demon" has a certain truth to it.

Out of interest, in the 1950s H. Trinity Wall Street ranked as one of the richest corporations in the world - remarkable.

Paladin said...

And the flag is right side up.

I like it :)

LSP said...

I made sure about the flag...