Saturday, August 29, 2009


Some people get bewildered by iron sights because they're so used to shooting with scopes, but what happens if the scope goes down? Here's some useful pictures viz. correct sight alignment. As we know, focus on the foresight and don't worry about the rear sight and target blurring.

This excerpt from Random Acts of Patriotism describes it well:

"Focus your eye on the front sight. This should make the rear sight a bit fuzzy, that's fine. The target will also be fuzzy. So... you have to know, and the drawings do show it to some extent, that the image you are seeking is a sharply focused front sight post centered inside a blurry rear sight and resting on a blurry out of focus target."

Allied with proper hold on the weapon, controlled breathing and instinctive position, shooting should be accurate, even if distance eyesight isn't that good - after all, it's only a matter of a few feet from eye to the principle point of focus, the foresight, or 'front sight post'.

Of course you can forget all that and adopt the Imperial Stormtrooper principles of marksmanship by simply blazing away without hitting anything much, which is fun too, if not as productive.

For some reason this puts me in mind of Madalyn Murray O'Hair, who played such a major part in kicking God out of our schools and ended up dismembered, along with one of her sons and grandaughter on a ranch in Texas. She founded "American Atheists"; you can read about her bizarre murder by criminal atheists and its investigation in Crime Magazine. Its rather gruesome.

Off to shoot some guns.



Anonymous said...

This is a very good post. Before I switched to scopes because of bad eyes I always had trouble with the iron sites for some reason. This explains it pretty simple, very nice.

LSP said...

Thanks - I found it helpful to have it spelled out too!My eyes aren't what they used to be either...

God bless.

The Conservative Lady said...

I found the post interesting too. Especially the story about Madalyn Murray O'Hair and her family. I remember when she went missing, but had never heard the entire story. Thanks for posting. Thanks, too, for the follow on my blog.

LSP said...

Thanks for the comment CL.

M. M. O'Hair deserves a full post all to herself. Its a macabre tale of criminality and vice, driven by a hatred of God and 'christers'. Interesting to note that her surviving son, William, describes her as 'evil' and 'profane'. Speaking of which, it'd be interesting to see if she knew Margaret Sanger - I'd be surprised if there wasn't a connection...

God bless,